Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This lovely fibre, while not technically a pitfall that has furthered my current state of perpetual procrastination, hasn't helped any either.
It's the last shipment of artfiber that Lorena gifted me with and I'm currently in a mental tug-o-war with myself over whether I need a year of this stuff coming every month, or not.
Pro: I love getting these little parcels of soft yummy fiber every month. I always manage to forget it's coming and then, there it is. It's a nice little surprise.
Con: I have yet to actually spin any of it and there's no shortage of stuff to spin around here.
You can see where this might be a problem for me.

Then of course there's etsy.
I know I'm a little late to the party on this one, but better late than never.
These great little sock bags came from Japanese Handmade Etc.
Gotta love the pretty and functional aspect of these things. Just the right size and the squared off ends seem to make them fairly sturdy.

And yeah, I found some spindles. Wanna make something of it?
The one on the left is multi-coloured plywood from Dragon's Cavern, and the one on the right is an Avi Wasserman made from olivewood, rosewood, ebony and has silver inlay. I already have an Avi, but it's very small and I prefer the slightly larger size of this on. Both spindles spin very nicely.

In the course of catching up with friend's blogs on Monday (procrastination in action and yes, I meant that to be funny), I found this pattern from a link on Kadi's blog. So, I had to make a pair.
The mate to this one is now done, and something that's a gift is on the needles now. It should be done today.
Then there's the long weekend, house painting, new knobs for the cupboards, puppy training, lawn mowing, landscaping...
It's a long list.
But Tuesday, back to spinning homework in earnest as I've wasted so much time already.
The procrastination ends!
On Tuesday.


Denise said...

But if you get busy on your 'to do' list aren't just procrastinating on your procrastination?

Jacqui said...

gorgeous socks...

but i must protest the lack of Gir cuteness in this post!

Kerry said...

It was a good week to buy two spindles - you were not the only one (cough cough)

Uli said...

been shopping Etsy, hah.... the spindles are great!!!

Lorena said...

I was spinning Girl Drink Drunk at work today (hey, I own the business, who's going to yell at me?!) and I thought there was going to be a smackdown over it. Seriously, I have about five people that want it when I'm done. I'm loving how it feels, too! I say go for the year (but I'm an enabler).

tapmouse said...

I've got an Avi, too! Now I feel like I'm so 'hip' to the spin scene, cuz I'm not much of a spinner!

Can't help you with the fiber dilema, cuz I have a great many 'club' kit that hasn't been knit yet-and am living to tell about it with my head held high!

I meme'd you on my blog, so tag, you're it!

vanessa said...

nice sockies :-)

Lavender said...

Oh great! Thanks to you, I now want one of those sock bags!

Love the new spindles! Are these still part of the "research"?