Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Cuteness

Gir's been here a week now and has completely taken over the house.
Spike started playing with him last night which is good, because it gives Gir something to chew on that isn't us. It's also a lot of fun to watch the two of them chase each other around the house.
Now for your viewing pleasure:

Gir after a rousing battle with tissue paper. I'm pretty sure he won. It is sticking out of his mouth after all.
Gir eating on the new kitchen floor.

We did manage to get it in before he arrived. There wasn't even a full board left over when we were done. This is good because it means we don't have left over flooring to store, but it gave me a heart attack when we were almost done and I looked at the tiny pile of remaining boards. Both of us were pleasantly surprised that we didn't have to buy another box.
The floor is engineered cork. It feels great on feet. It's warm and a little cushy. It doesn't seem to show dirt or get scratched from the pets running all over it.
Now there's just the counters, pulls, backsplash, and paint to do and it's all done!

This is some spinning to break up the, "all puppy, all the time" feel. It's 250g of millends from a mill in Ontario. I spun it as a heavyish laceweight and there's well over 1000m of it. No project in mind for it yet. I put the sock beside it for scale. It's a BIG skein. It pretty much filled my wild flyer and took almost eight hours to ply.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Warning! Severe cuteness

Gir arrived this afternoon and has made himself right at home. He's chased the cats, peed on the new kitchen floor and been adorable every second.
Uzume doesn't seem to mind him, but Spike is a little out of joint. He's been giving Gir a wide berth and only gets in close when he's asleep. I figure it won't be too long before they're chasing each other around the house. Days maybe. Maybe tomorrow.
We have to give him a registered name and he's from a "D" litter. So far, it looks like he'll be Majekin's Diamond Dog Gir.
Hey, I had a cat named Aladin Sane. Old Bowie fans die hard.
I am willing to entertain other suggestions...
The severe cuteness follows. I will not be held responsible for elevated blood sugar or cavities that result from viewing the following pics.

PS: For scale: the frog is about the size of my hand.