Monday, March 10, 2008

Warning! Severe cuteness

Gir arrived this afternoon and has made himself right at home. He's chased the cats, peed on the new kitchen floor and been adorable every second.
Uzume doesn't seem to mind him, but Spike is a little out of joint. He's been giving Gir a wide berth and only gets in close when he's asleep. I figure it won't be too long before they're chasing each other around the house. Days maybe. Maybe tomorrow.
We have to give him a registered name and he's from a "D" litter. So far, it looks like he'll be Majekin's Diamond Dog Gir.
Hey, I had a cat named Aladin Sane. Old Bowie fans die hard.
I am willing to entertain other suggestions...
The severe cuteness follows. I will not be held responsible for elevated blood sugar or cavities that result from viewing the following pics.

PS: For scale: the frog is about the size of my hand.


Angela said...

Sooooo cute.

It's painful.

Doug keeps insisting on calling him ARF.

Denise said...

OH my goodness, he is too adorable! I can't wait to see him in person!

Can't wait!
(okay, I guess I've used up my daily allowance of exclamation points)

Jill said...

He is absolutely adorable! Are you tempted to stay at home and have absolutely everything possible delivered, so you never have to leave him? I cannot believe the cuteness.

Thistledown said...

I wants me a puppy!!

kerry said...




Jacqui said...

Gir is supercute!!!!!!!!!!!

are you going to get him an Invader Zim collar?


do they even make them?

give him a big tummy scritch from his Auntie Jax!

K. said...

Cutest. Puppy. Ever. I. Want.

Lorena said...

S'dang cute I can hardly stand it!

Melanie said...

Kerry stole my line. Awwwwww! That wee fellow is heartbreakingly cute! It must be hard not to spend all your time kissing him all over.

Anonymous said...

Ok - time for more photos of Gir. We know you have some!

Fun Knits said...

It that ever a cute puppy. Will he get really furry so you can spin his fur. e-mail me OK. I am curious what you were talking about at Fibrefest?????
Shelley - said...

TOO CUTE for words!
I love his name too!!
Congrats on the addition to the fam...he should keep you busy!
Hugs!! ;)