Thursday, December 13, 2007

Time flies...

...when you're running out of it.
This has been a month of deadlines. Most of them knitting related.
And while corners in my living room and den look like Santa and his slave minions sicked up in them, no decorations are up. I just haven't got it in me.
Hopefully, the tree and house lights will go up this weekend. Holly is here for her class and we're gonna put her to work. *ahem* I mean, get her in holiday spirit with a little tree trimming.
Yeah, that's what I meant. Tree trimming is fun, not work.
Spirits, not the holiday ones (the liquid ones) may be involved.
Of course, there's still gift knitting to do and some test-knitting is apparently on it's way here too.
Hell, I didn't really enjoy sleeping anyway. It's entirely over-rated.
Twelve days is plenty of time to get the rest of this crap done.
Oh yay, the manic laughter has set in. I feel more festive already!
Enjoy some Christmas knitting for the niece while I try to get the twitching to stop.

This is the Fireside Stocking from the Holiday Gift issue of IK. I decided to fully line it because (I'm crazy) it's all stranded on the inside and I didn't want the fat boy's gifts getting caught on the floats. It took me six days, which isn't bad.

This is a little hoodie made with some sort of kettle dyed wool. It was a project for the Nihon class, so I got a double with this project. Actually, it may be a triple as I might use it for the book too. It was pretty quick as it's only a two year old size, but it still uses all those pesky Japanese techniques.
I still have two projects to finish for the third year. One of them just needs neck trim and the other needs a front and sleeves. Not bad, but in two more classes we're done.
Again with the time running out thing.
I'm going to have to learn to work faster.
Or have some tiny slave labour. Do you think Santa rents them out during the down season?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I really should stop taking these things

I saw this on Lorena's blog and thought it looked fun. But I guess I should have learned my lesson after taking the Aspie test.
So here are my results. Part of me always wanted to control the universe.

Your Score: Spice Melange

You scored 100% intoxication, 75% hotness, 75% complexity, and 100% craziness!

You are Spice.

You're not from around here, are you? You're extremely valuable. While you resemble mundane cinnamon, you are much more interesting. People fight wars over you, but your giant worms protect you.

You enlighten people; make them aware, prescient, even clairvoyant. Your pure essence can reveal people's true selves, if they survive their encounter with the real you. You're addictive, dangerous, seductive, and above all else, necessary for space travel.

Link: The Which Spice Are You Test written by jodiesattva on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

edited to add: The monkey took the test and he's "saffron". He does not control the universe.