Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have finally formatted the pattern for this sock!
I've named it Tamarissa after a dear friend that passed away several years ago. She always did what she wanted to do. She built guitars, went to Emily Carr and was an amazing, creative person. She crammed more into her fairly short life than almost anyone else I've ever known.
She loved purple and figuring out how things went together. So I think she would have liked this sock.
I hope to have it up as a pdf in the next little while.

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's been a while

I admit, blogging is never my first priority. Sometimes, there's just too much to be done offline in the real world.
I managed to get the sock knitter working and cranked out some blanks that are going to be dyed and put up for sale at the Victoria Knit Out on the 22nd. Now all I have to do is get the ribber working and I'll be able to make socks on it. The escapades I've had with the ribber made me put the whole shebang back out in the garage in a time out. If it just can't behave, then it has to go in the corner.
Of course, it's definitely user error. Pretty steep learning curve on these things. I can't believe traveling salesmen used to talk women into buying them. There seems to be an awful lot of maintenance that goes along with them.

Satan's Hand Puppet has been doing what he does best, growing at an alarming rate. And yesterday? He chewed up yarn! And he did it really quietly. I was in the other room and just heard this soft rustling sound. When I decided that he'd been too quiet for too long, I went into the living room to find three balls of yarn, sans labels, artfully strewn across the rug!
He knew it was bad and did it anyway. So very evil.
We had a little "chat" about things that we shouldn't do. Hopefully, he won't do it again. Because he can jump and climb, it's pretty tough to keep things away from him.
So evil.

This is the monkey's idea of mowing the lawn. He's so easily distracted. He decided the tree, that shall not be mentioned because it is the provincial flower and we don't want anyone calling the authorities on us, needed some branches trimmed (and it was just trimmed, we didn't cut it down, everyone relax) and spent about 3 pruning it.
Eventually the mowing was finished. And I breathed a sigh of relief that nothing else caught his eye.

What would one of my posts be without some sort of home reno?
We had the countertops and the bathtub refinished this week. The house still smells like laquer, but it looks very nice. And it was much less expensive than replacing them. I'm fairly certain we would have had to remove an exterior wall to get that tub out.
This was much easier.

There's even potential for knitting content in the next post!
Unless Gir eats it.
So evil.