Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why the Cats Hate Me

Satan's hand puppet has a brand new trick.
There are now three fewer cat safe areas in the house and the cats are not amused.
It would appear that the furry little bastard can jump and climb. This is a little surprising for us as Loki (aka the good dog) had to try really hard to get on the couches. It involved a lot of scrambling and usually some human assistance.
Gir (aka Satan's hand puppet) is only just four months old now and can apparently leap tall sofas in a single bound.
Um. Crap.
I must admit though, when he did for the first time on Monday evening, I was pretty excited. I called Mur into the room to see it and made Gir jump onto the futon again and again. It was only later that I realized the problems this will cause.
We're looking for Agility training places now. Unfortunately, they don't seem to let you start with your dog until he's a year old. That's eight freaking months away.
Pray for us.


Denise said...
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Denise said...

I think you need to make a pair of these for the two kitties - STAT:

International Cat Hat: Ninja Edition

Denise said...

oh, and the first comment was deleted by me because I messed up the link due to a combination of bad HTML skills and an apparent inability to cut and paste.

I think ninja masks are the advantage the cats need in their daily battle against Satan's hand puppet. Also? I would really like to see a photo of that scenario!

Melanie said...

Ha! He may be Satan's hand puppet, but he's soooo cute!

tapmouse said...

LOL! I love the Cat Hat link Denise sent you! Eight more month to go, huh? Well, Satan's Hand Puppet is a good nickname! Hang in there!

Sheila E said...

DEFINITELY Satan's handpuppet!....but...he's so Damn Cute!
I guess this is a be careful what you ask for sort of a situation ;)