Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2010 mascots. WTF?!

If this picture makes you wonder what the hell these things are, you're not alone.
I turned on the news this morning to discover that some marketing genius had decided that these things represent our province and country. I couldn't even tell what they were.
Then they showed a cartoon that had one of them flying, so I figured it must be some sort of bird. It's supposed to be a native spirit that embodies a bird. Makes me wonder which band. But okay,they at least tried to get something that is BCish happening.
But then there's the others.
I couldn't tell what the big one was. It had to be either a beer spokesman or a marmot. Maybe an ewok? A wookie?
The big one is apparently a sasquatch. So I was right about the beer spokesman. Great.
The last one was the most confusing. The only animal in BC that is black and white and has four legs (that I could think of) was a skunk. But it didn't look like a skunk. It looked like a rejected pokemon character. That one is some sort of, get this, sea bear. It has a killer whale fin on it's head.
Seems kinda like Vanoc is pulling stuff out of it's ass.
It pains me to know that tax dollars paid for these things.
I'd like a refund.


Kerry said...

They're stupid.

Jacqui said...

Ah, for a flip on the land mammal with fins, may i recommend this?

(It may take a viewing or two for the laughter to subside enough to identify the item in question... think sea mammal with land accoutrements.}

Lisa said...

Hey there. I'm so sorry to hear about Loki. Remember all the good times you shared and how lucky you were to have each other.