Monday, November 19, 2007

Sometimes, day to day...

...just kicks your ass.
Don't get me wrong, for the most part, things are going fairly smoothly. All the socks sold at the Christmas sale. Gifts we've ordered are starting to arrive. We reworked the den so that it's now a very functional space. It's now an office/library/guest room/music room/exercise area. Small, but with some new bookcases and a small sofabed, it seems to actually look nice and be hugely multipurpose.
If only Ikea would help us out. We want a wall mounted unit for above my new, much smaller computer desk. Seems like a simple and reasonable request right? They carry one that matches the bookcases and have it in stock. There's only one tiny problem. We've tried to put together three different ones and none of them have the holes drilled correctly. Ikea refuses to send us one that they've already made up. They have no problem sending us unit after unit (we've had three now remember)and picking up the defective ones, but they refuse to try and put one together for us.
Now. I think that it's a reasonable thing to ask after we've wasted a few hours trying to have one of these things work. And it would likely wind up costing them less too. As they've had to deliver the thing twice and now and will have to do it again. For a total of three trips out here (we took the first one back ourselves). And hey, after three defective units in a row, I suspect that they've got a bad shipment. Something got off at the factory and no one caught it. We could be putting these things together for weeks and not find a good one.
It's high time that they stepped up and helped us out here. They have our money. Time to make it right.
I was bummed about missing the Blue Moon barn sale last weekend too. Thought I had to be here for something and it turned out that I didn't. So a bunch of my friends were off having fun in Oregon and I was here. In a massive wind storm and power outage. We were lucky and had our power back on in about 12 hours, a lot of people were out for more than 48 hours. We also lost our phone and cable, even after the power came back on. Very sucky.
Okay. That's enough complaining.
It's not all bad around here.
Check this out:

That is the fibrey Christmas that happened here last night. I didn't go to the sale, but my friends made sure that stash enhancement occurred for me anyway.
And yes, some of that stuff is Ravens.
No, you can't have it.
I love my friends.
Gives me a big warm fuzzy just looking at that pile of gorgeous Blue Moon.
Thanks guys. You're the best.
Unfortunately, a lot of the fibre stuff happening around here is unbloggable. But I can post these:

A variation on the Firestarter socks in BM lightweight, a rare gem colour. They're toe-up with a really interesting heel configuration. A great knit if you're wanting to make socks and are sick of the ole standby pattern. And the fit is very good. Nice depth through the instep.


Uli said...

Awesome stash enhancement even though you couldn't go yourself.

Those socks look great, too. I love the construction at the in-step.

Hope to talk to you soon.

Angela said...

Hey! You didn't say that the peach marmalade arrived safely.

Miss YinandYarn is going to think I ate it all in the car with a spoon!

I am totally -napping you next time.

kerry said...

I think that dark purple stuff on the right went into the wrong box. I think that was supposed to be in MY box. Ooh, aah to everything else, too.

Thistledown said...

Ravens? You got Ravens? We know where you live...