Saturday, July 21, 2007

Let's clarify a few things

This is MY blog. The things I write about are mine. The feelings, frustrations and opinions are MINE.
When others read these things, I equate it with them being guests in my home. If someone is rude, unpleasant or otherwise untoward in my home, I ask them to leave.
If someone came to my home with a bag over their head so I couldn't tell who they were, I would make them leave.
Anonymous comments are not welcome on this blog.
I don't give a flying crap what you have to say if you don't have the balls to identify yourself.
That being said, no one on the internet is truly anonymous. We all leave little trails and I'd like to let everyone who sees this know that every time you visit a blog, the owner can tell a lot about you.
I know when you visited, where you live and/or work, what you looked at on this blog, how long you looked at it, where you were before you came here, and where you went on your way out. Food for thought isn't it?
What this means is, think before you make an unpleasant comment on someone's diary (that's how I feel about my blog). If their blog displeases you, DON'T READ IT.
I have never presented myself as anything other than what I am:
Liberal to the point of what my father would call a "bleeding heart".
Not religious.
Frequently, I swear like a trucker on long haul.
Completely in favor of gay rights. And everyone's rights for that matter.
Strongly, and I mean STRONGLY, against censorship.
If you find that any of these views offend you or upset you in any way, don't come here anymore. That is your right.


Jacqui said...

boo- yah. (i have no idea if that is how it is spelled, but hey.) i love reading your blog and am sorry some jacka** nega-fied you.

just for the record, i don't answer MY door either!

you know, my email to Melanie applies equally well here. to whit, It is remarkable how anonymity facilitates bad behavior. please don't let some troll squinch your space.

vanessa said...

i wubs you just the way you are :-)

Melanie said...

Bravo! Plus what Vanessa said.

Angela said...

Well put and fair.

Lorena said...

I only answer the door when I'm wearing this spiffy "Cthulhu inside" shirt that has recently come into my possession. ;-)

Seriously, though, I consider a blog to be like someone's living room. I wouldn't come in and crap all over their blog any more than I would ... well, you get the idea. Frustratingly, some people just ain't got no sense, as we say here in The South. So, rock on!

Denise said...

I'm glad you're back!

Lisa said...

You go girl!! And for what it's worth I don't usually answer the phone either - unless the person starts leaving a message and it's someone I know. Every time I make the mistake of answering the phone without knowing who it is - it's someone wanting $$. If I'm lucky, it's a computer and I can just hang up - otherwise, it's someone making me feel bad for not giving them what they want. I hate it!