Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Peace and beautiful things

That's a pic of the water lilies at the college in Olds. I think many of us need to see something this lovely and serene right now. For some reason, people seemed to have slipped sideways in the last week and have just gone weird en masse.
So take a deep cleansing breath and look at the pretty flowers and the peaceful water.
Nice isn't it.
I don't read the posts on the Mystery Stole 3 group, but apparently a bunch of people over there haven't been playing well with others. In fact they have been so awful that I doubt Melanie will offer the Mystery Stole again. This is a really nice thing that is offered up free and for fun that some people have chosen to ruin for everyone else.
So, on my behalf and that of all the rest of us who just get our clues and happily knit away, I want to thank Melanie for doing this. And let her know that we really appreciate the time and effort she has put into sharing this great thing with so many people.
Here's my stole so far:

I've finished clue #4 and now have to wait for two weeks to get the next part. Damn Harry Potter!
The Ribby Pulli is almost in one piece. I'm working on the second sleeve for the long sleeve, hooded version with the kangaroo pocket.

I think this will be a good wardrobe staple. I've done it in black cotton, so it's bound to get lots of wear.
I've had to set it aside for some stealth knitting for the time being (niece's 1st birthday coming up). And I'm still waiting on some measurements so I can get a move on the Blue Moon designs.
I've been playing a bit on Ravelry too. It's a daunting thing. I'm not at all sure even where to start with the stash list. And before you offer, I know a bunch of would gladly "help" me with this problem. I know who you are and you're never getting the alarm code.
The monkey is off on his annual fishing trip tomorrow. He knows the drill. No salmon, no come home.


Uli said...

Yeah!!! You go girl.... Measurments........... uugggh........ takes a deep breath and relaxes again. :-)

Jacqui said...

i envy you. there still remain 5897 people ahead of me in line for Ravelry. [stupid Jacqui. so last year...] but i guess it could be worse:
-"7679 people are behind you in line."

the MS3 thing saddens me as well. the concept of knitters as abusive and divisive is just to sorrowful to contemplate. knitting should transcend the petty and hurtful and dogmatic. sigh.

i am off for ice cream to rescue my morale...

vanessa said...

yes, why do a few morons have to ruin it for the rest of us happy knitters?

Melanie said...

Mmm, I think Melanie has everything under control and won't let the silliness wreck what is such a fun thing. Is that Zephyr you're knitting MS3 with? I'm just about to start clue 4.

The water lilies are very pretty.

Angela said...

Why can't I see the pictures? :(

I guess I should find some Zephyr and work on MS3, huh?

Measurements soon.

In Ravelry but haven't started playing yet.

Is the monkey bringing home a fish for me too?

knitalot3 said...

It did liven up the emails on MS3 for a while though.

I can't see the pictures either.

Lorena said...

Hi, I'm a Ravelry addict! Hence me spending some time tonight checking up on my blog snooping, I mean, reading.

I'm sorry about the MS3 messery. I didn't sign up for it, but I enjoy looking at everyone's work. It would be sad if she didn't do it again, so it heartens me to read above that she's probably got it all under control. It does sadden me that even knitters can be that... small. Sigh. Good luck to all you lace addicts! I am cheering you on from the sidelines!

Lavender said...

Wow! No wonder the amount of emails from MS3 went through the roof! I've been deleting everything but the clues...haven't had any time to read everything. I'm thinking I might give up spinning the yarn for it and start knitting soon. I'm way behind.