Friday, June 01, 2007

Warning: Contains Language Some may Consider Offensive

You have been warned.
This has been what I generally call a "fuck me gently with a chainsaw week".
A lot of running around.
A lot of hurry up and wait.
A lot of not getting important things done.
All leading up to it being friday and me screaming, "FUCK!!!!".
And yet, here I sit blogging, when I should be spinning *argh* cotton.
Can you say AVOIDANCE, boys and girls? 'Course you can.
This cannot continue or I will be doomed. Doooooomed.

So. With very little getting done around here, this is all I've got to show for my past week. The socks on the left are the pair that Angela gave me. Yay for socks for me that I didn't make! Thanks Ang.
The other three (yeah, I know, I have two feet. You're sooooo funny) I made. There's only one blue one as I ran out of yarn halfway through the other sock. FYI, 100g is NOT always enough for a pair of socks. Fuck. More fibre is on it's way to remedy this little problem.

Behold the joy that is retail therapy. I'm sparing you the sight of the yarn version of retail therapy that arrived today. It just wouldn't be fair to taunt people like that. This is a fimo spindle from Sdlinky on ebay. It spins surprisingly well and it's pretty. Can't beat that with a big stick.

Holly said this little guy gave her nightmares. I think he's just the fleshy version of my week. Any guesses as to what he is?


Angela said...


No idea, he's now going to give ME nightmares.

Sigh. Thanks.

Jacqui said...

he looks a bit like an aye aye but his eyes are the wrong color...

my week has been similar. i blame the blue full moon.

just keep reminding yourself that 'el sucko' weeks come in cycles-which means they have to end eventually!

Denise said...

hmmm, I don't know what he is but he looks to me like they physical incarnation of a Monday morning without coffee.

Hope the weekend brings improvement to your week!

Lorena said...

Oh my god.

We've had the same week.

kerry said...

A baby Yoda? I think he's cute in an "only a mother could love" way.

Anonymous said...

Ah sweetie, the sock class loved ya' and the spindle students are actually producing yarn. You did good in the world this week.

It's some kind of freakin' bat, right? And I'm going to have nightmares, too. Thanks for sharing.

Melanie said...

I think it's an alien. Look at those fingers. Those are alien fingers for sure.

The spindle is very pretty. I hope the retail therapy did the trick, and I hope you got all of this year's sucky things over with in one crappy week.

Penny said...

he looks a little bat like. he's kinda cute.

sorry your week sounds like mine last few. may this one be better. i really still owe you the rest of that tea swap package from last fall. hmm.. i'll email you and we'll work it out.

idyllicchick said...

Oh, he's a cutie! I think he's a house elf!

Here's hoping this week has gone better for you so far.

Tricotine said...

That is such a cute thing! Is it a bat?

Isabelle aka Tricotine