Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I still hate cotton

Let me clarify. I love wearing cotton and I pretty much live in denim. The cotton plant is a remarkable and beautiful thing. I don't mind knitting with the stuff.
I hate spinning it. No. I loathe spinning cotton. The fibres are short, it sticks to itself, it's full of husks, I clench just thinking about it.
Now, you're probably thinking this shouldn't be a big deal. There are lots of fibres that aren't cotton that I can spin, so why don't I just shut up and go spin something else. I have to spin about 400m of the hateful stuff for Level 5. I'm about halfway there. It's going to take me the rest of the week to get it all done. And that probably doesn't include setting the twist and skeining it off into the pissy little hanks for the class.

On the up side, this is easily the nicest cotton I've ever had to work with. It's got a fairly long staple and it almost drafts like wool top. Many thanks to Irene for recommending Israeli cotton. It has been better than any of the other cottons I've tried.

Still hate it.


vanessa said...

looks great, but life's too short ;-)

Melanie said...

Considering that you loathe spinning cotton, you're certainly doing a kick-ass job of it. It looks great.

Anonymous said...

That cotton is almost as silky as spinning silk.
Close your eyes and pretend it IS silk.

You are making a wonderful yarn!

Vicki said...

I'm with Mel, it looks great! I haven't made friends with spinning cotton sliver, yet. Have you tried spinning straight off the seed? That I like. And, on my charkha I like to use Indian puni's--they make them much better than I do. Where do you get the Israeli cotton?

Angela said...

Looks good - but I'm glad I'm not having to do it right now.

Denise said...

Your cotton yarn looks great! I'm with Vanessa though, life is too short, though I did sample a cotton/silk blend once at a Paula Schull workshop that was very nice to spin.