Friday, June 08, 2007

Pay no Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

So. This week has been much better. It wasn't hard to have a better week. Unfortunately, I wasn't alone in my misery, seems the blue moon screwed with a lot of people. Hopefully the crazies are back in their cages now and we can all pretend it didn't happen. Lalalalalala
Yesterday, this arrived via my cheerful parcel guy:

Knitter's Tea Swap goodness from Lorena!
I think we were separated at birth. One of her recent posts shows some of her spinning and it's the same stuff that arrived for me yesterday. It's a little twilight zoney.
The package she sent kicks ass. I'm sitting here writing this, eating toast with key lime jelly on it! Squeeeee!
But I digress.
She sent much good loose tea, fibre in colours I love, a skein of sock yarn that's a great kermit green and really shiny, chocolate (always a good thing around here), Gator napkins, a pin from Disneyworld, cat toys and treats, wonderful citrus smelling bath stuff, two jars of jelly (the post office brutally murdered one jar, we gave it a small service), giant mug, tea book aaaaaaand one of those very cool Adagio Ingenuitea thingys.
Right after I took the pic of bounty, I gave the cats the catnip mice. The mice promptly disappeared. The cats were lying on the bed when I tossed the mice at them and they were still lying on the bed when I came back in half an hour, but the mice were gone. It bothered me when we went to bed, especially since Spike seemed to have popped a vein and gone completely batshit crazy, but we had a peaceful night. The mice are still MIA.
The Ingenuitea does not come with instructions. I looked at it, thought, "hey, it must be totally simple if there aren't directions". Apparently not simple enough. Me, being the brain trust I can occassionally be, wound up with boiling water, vaguely tea flavoured, all over the counter. Doh. The light clicked on for the second attempt. It works great and I spent ten minutes this morning trying to decide if it was too gimpy of me to use teabags in it, just because I want to use it.
Thanks Lorena! I'm mailing your stuff tomorrow. Be afraid.
This week was very productive for a change. I turned some of this cotton roving:

Into these cotton skeins:

I now officially have enough yardage (metrage?) for level 5. I still have to spin the rest of it so I have enough for a project for level 5, but that doesn't have to be done by the 28th of this month. It can wait. Yay!
I dyed this:

With these and some alum:

I transformed my living room from spinning hell (and no, I don't let the monkey see things like this):

Into a finished spinning level notebook (just look how tidy):

These have yet to be transformed, but I thought I'd share some retail fibre therapy.

Yup, that's yet another spindle. Wanna make somethin' of it? The vast quantities of the same colour fibre will be sweaters. Probably for me.
And the last tranformation on this week's pile is me. I have once again joined Fat Losers. Pray for me.
PS: It's a Lemur and the russian spindles are from Viking Santa and I don't know how to use them yet.


Lorena said...

Oh dear, so sorry about the broken jam. And here I was rejoicing that the postal service hadn't dug through it to take out fiber and teas for their own enjoyment! Gah. But yes, we do seem to have been separated at birth! I'm so glad you liked everything! And, apparently, that your kitties liked everything. Hee. I bet they slept well! LOL!

Vicki said...

Those cotton skeins are amazing! I'm impressed. And, your living room was SO not spinning hell. Your wheel is clearly visible and you'd need to have to hunt for it under a mountain of fiber for that term to apply. Ask me how I know. ;)

vanessa said...

your notebook is the neatest of neats!

Amie said...

I see several mentions of "level 5" but no link or anything - what's it about? I just found your blog through the tea swap, and went back several entries, but see no explanation and I'm curious!

Melanie said...

The spun cotton is amazing. You really do rock. That's a glorious red too. Have the cats slept it off yet? They probably stashed the mice for future fun.

Lavender said...

Arrgh! I hate you! <---j/k

I've been spinning my cotton (off and on...ok...more off than on) for the past 2 years and still don't have a skein to show for my efforts. Your cotton skeins are beautiful!