Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Duck is yummy bbqed

I managed to get home last night after teaching to see the Canucks get two empty netters to clinch the game and go on to the next round. What a great feeling! Those were some very happy hockey players. It was a long series with some incredibly lame reffing. I hope the next one is better. Ducks aren't exactly a pushover.
It's hard to believe it's been 25 years since Roger Neilson hoisted that towel in surrender. I still remember it well. Within a couple of weeks almost everyone at school had a Canucks towel. It's become a symbol and a lot of other teams use it now. But for us, it still brings back Neilson standing up on the bench with his makeshift flag.
Keep winning guys. The Cup really should come home.

Many, many metres of three-ply corrie for the monkey. He still hasn't thought of what he wants his sweater to look like. Hell, I spun the yarn faster than he's making this decision. Men. He'll likely want a plain crew-neck. Bleh.

Jacqui sent me this great stuff. She'd left a comment about wanting to swap socks and I took her up on it. She'll probably be more careful about things like that from now on.
The timing could not be more perfect. I plan to make the mate to this lovely sock (which is Roza's Socks from the spring IK) on the trip next week. I've got some Wildfoote in the Stash (I know, you're sooo surprised), but I haven't actually knit with it yet. It feels really nice. And pretty much everyone knows my major weakness for Opal. But this soap. Damn. I wish I could figure out how to make the blog scratch and sniff. It's spearmint and lemon and I would happily just wander around with around my neck. It smells so good. Thanks Jacqui! You realise, I will be putting Hello Kitty stickers on all out going parcels now.
On a less happy note, we had a bad scare with Loki this past week. He has congenital heart failure and we have him on meds to try to control it and make him happy. But he had built up so much fliud that he looked like a barrel. The vet was very concerned and said we might not have much time left. He drained the excess fluid and we're adding another heart med to his regime. He seems as happy and goofy as ever, so I hope the vet is wrong. Loki's family and I don't know what we'd do without him. Okay, I could do without the appalling farts he lets go. He walks up to you, farts, gives you a dirty look and goes to the other side of the room. Acts like the stench was all you. Clever little beast.


Melanie said...

I'm sending my best wishes for Loki's well being. Don't you know that doggie farts are a token of affection? They don't give them away to just anyone, you know.

dad said...

my wishes and thoughts are for loki's recovery

vanessa said...

a plain crewneck will showcase the beauty of your yarn.
sending loki all good thoughts!

Kerry said...

Loki sounds like he's nowhere near ready to go when he keeps popping back like this. What a trooper! Quite scary for you, though.

Have fun on your trip!