Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dammit! oh and the cruise

Sadly, the Canucks are out of the playoffs. I wasn't able to watch the games on the ship, but the monkey says they played fairly well for the most part.
Guess it's golfing season now. Feh.
The cruise was a pretty good time. I had a great roomie and almost everything went smoothly. This was the view of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise from our cabin balcony:

The gate into Chinatown where we found an awesome restaurant up a very steep hill, down an alley and in a basement:

This was what I had to get into few enough bags to carry by myself:

Please note: If you want to save money on holiday in San Francisco, DO NOT go to Art Fibers. You may wind up selling your ticket home so you can buy more yarn.
The view from our balcony of the Lions at dawn as we were coming home into the Vancouver harbour:

Makes you remember why you live here.
I was a dummy and left my camera on the ship in Victoria, so I don't have any pics of family feeding the ducks at Beacon Hill Park, peacocks with their tails open (even a pure white one!), a very dear friend suffering through yarn shopping with me, and having the best smoked beef sandwich ever with new friends from New Jersey. Use your imagination.

Tada! Fraternal Twins.
I got the Lime n Violet socks done on the cruise. I don't think there was even enough yarn to do one extra row on each sock. Very lucky.
ps: I have finally updated the Gallery. Promise to do it more regularly from now on. Okay, I'll make more of an effort, would you believe that?


Chrissy said...

I love the Canucks thing. Glad to see the pictures of the trip.

dad said...

looks like agreat trip canucks quit on louie

Melanie said...

Nice stash enhancement! When do you start the next reno to expand the fibre closet?

vanessa said...

nice tootsies!

was the cruise from san fransisco to victoria?

Angela said...

Gorgeous photos of some of my favourite scenery.

The Lime & Violets are perfect for spring. Bright and cheerful!