Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Go Canucks Go!

I like this man a lot!
And hey, what's not to like? He's italian, but not smarmy, very flexible and he's keeping pucks out of the net. That's huge, the keeping pucks out of the net thing.
Now. If we could just give Sopel a good bath and a haircut...
Oh, and no more seven period games please. I could outskate you guys after seven periods of hockey. It's just not civilized.

The massive egg basket finished and full of stuff I can't tell you about. Soon all will be revealed, but for now, mystery.
The monkey's yarn is done. My tendonitis is less painful than it was a couple of days ago and I drew up two patterns yesterday. Things are chugging along.
Roz and I leave for the Sock Crusie in less than two weeks, so things should maybe be flying rather than chugging, but you take what you can get.
Go Canucks!


dad said...

no name canucks any day over the last decade of over rated name losers

vanessa said...

love the basket :-)

dad said...

canucks lay 2 goose eegs for your beautiful basket

dad said...