Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What a Great Pal

It is a small world. My spoiler for the Second Sock Syndrome Swap was my spoilee for SP9. Debbie sent me all kinds of wonderful stuff. There are great smelling candles, a beading mag, a very pretty bracelet, bath stuff, tea, woolwash (a brand I haven't tried yet), and, of course, weird candy. I love weird candy! She found me cackling chocolate eggs. There were a lot more of them, but those sort of things don't last long around here.
The absolute best thing in the parcel was the sock. It's the monkey sock from Knitty done in a bright blue Jitterbug. She claims it is only her 5th sock, but I think she's lying. It's really nice and I plan to make it's mate as soon as I can.
Thanks Debbie! You spoilt me rotten and I had an awful lot of fun opening all the goodies.

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Jinxsa said...

I sm so sorry about the lack of graphing the toe. I tried 3 times and it looked like poo. I took it to my boss and she tried to help me and it looked like knotted poo. There were tears, honest.

I thought I saw the exact same shade of jitterbug in a stash shot on the blog last month, so I guess you like it.

The straw things are flavoured honey.