Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Blogaversary Contest

Well, it's been almost a year. As usual, it's just whizzed by and I didn't get nearly enough done. It all started with this pic:

In honour of my managing to post on a semi-regular basis without offending a large amount of people, I'm going to give away some of my vast and terrifying stash. There's some of my handspun, a pair of socks, laceweight mohair from Ami Ami, Fancy Image sock yarn, Regia, a topknot, some BFL, the Vintage Sock book and TWO FULL bags of Rhapsody! Before you get all excited, you have to answer a few questions to earn the goods. Everyone can enter, especially my friends! I love sending stuff to my friends. Come on guys, everyone wants free stuff!

These are the prizes. Good incentive? Dad, the red peppers and peppercorns are your prize.
So, here's the deal. Answer one question, answer a few it doesn't matter. I will give points for creativity.

1. Where did I get the idea for the name of my blog? Your answer must include the word "bolour" and the letter "k".

2. What is this?

a) dryer lint I plan to collect and make into a sweater for the monkey.
b) the amount of fur I got off the duvet cover in one day.
c) a desicated tribble that ran out of grain on the Enterprise.

3. Last summer, the monkey built a:
a) garden shed.
b) his new home.
c) a wool room.

4. How old is the monkey?

5. What is the career I actually went to college to learn?

6. Who would I leave the monkey for in a cool second?

7. Use the phrase "aie ya" in a sentence.

8. How did I get tendonitis and what did my doctor suggest would clear it up?

9. Do you think I have a treatable or untreatable fibre addiction?

10. What operation do I threaten to perform on myself?

Have fun! I'll post the winners after March 17th.


Uli said...

Not sure if I'm allowed to play... I know you too well. :-)

Mind you, I'm so jealous of your stash you should just give me some anyways. :-)

Happy blogaversary.

Anonymous said...

ah another exam full of trick questions as i did at uni. i'll answer D all of the above will there be a skill testing question to claim the peppers?

Frauke said...

1. From Monty Python Flying Circus, Episode 31. The tourist couldn’t say the letter “C” because of a traumatic childhood event and substituted the letter “b” instead. Therefore he said bolour instead colour. The Bounder suggested that he use the letter “K” instead and the tourist called himself a “spinny bunt” when he realized it.

2. b) the amount of fur I got off the duvet cover in one day.

3. a) garden shed.
however at times I’m sure that it might be:
b) his new home

4. I believe he’s 41 or at least will be this year…..if not then change # to 42.

5. You go to college to learn a career??…………………..silly lady, you go to college to learn everything else but that.

6. Now ……..don’t get crazy here, fantasize as much as you want and in that case, oh hell forget your’s I’m having way to much fun at the moment with my own.

7. Aie ya… have waaaaay to much fibre and need to spread some of the wealth around.

8. Now that’s getting just a bit too personal isn’t it?

9. Fibre addiction, what fibre addiction, I don’t see any fibre addiction.

10. A Fibreotomy?

lorinda said...

I wrote all the answers to the questions and then somehow managed to erase them. Ah, technology. Ah, me. It's hard to come up with answers after frauke, but I had a serious Monty Python flashback after reading her comment and remembered that sketch.

1. I'll refer you above to frauke's answer, but I'll add that growing up in Canada, spinny was what we used to refer to the ditzy girl in grade 12. I wouldn't call you spinny or bunt. ;)

2. c, and my question back to you seeing you know Tribbles is the all important: Kirk or Picard?

3. a, but it's so cool I'd be happy to make it MY new home.

4. 41? Just a baby.

5. How to live on caffeine, popcorn and ice cream? No wait, that was me.

6. You'd leave the Monkey? Can I have him then? He's hot. Did I say that out loud?

7. "Aie ye"--isn't that what that Outkast guy who jumps around in goofy suits always says?

8. I'm guessing tendonitis from knitting and spinning, the doctor's orders were to cease and desist, and you said, "aie ye" and looked for a doctor who would allow you to keep your untreatable fibre addiction.

9. Refer to answer 8. We can always take painkillers for tendonitis; why do you think they invented 282s (isn't that the highest strength?).

10. I think you threaten to add an additional set or two of hands so you can knit and spin at the same time.

Thanks for the fun quiz and happy, happy blogaversary, and that is the cutest picture of cat and yarn that I have EVER seen.

frauke said...

I was consentrating on getting my answer's to your questions out I forgot the most important thing..... HAPPY BLOGVERSARY..... and thank you for all the time you take to put things into it. I've really enjoyed it and am looking forward to more this year. Keep writing it's been great.

kerry said...

1. I used to thin*K* it was some morph on s*k*inny butt, but you told me all about it in Seattle, so I *K*now it's what she said about the "c" word. In a sentence: Did you see "The Bolour of Money with Tom Bruise"?
2. Trick question! a AND b! Dryer lint you plan to make a Monkey sweater out of. Or just a.
3. Another trick question! It's a garden shed that is a wool room.
4. Older than you, and he will always be older than you.
5. The point is, are you living the life you sought at that time? Was it worth it? Was it guitar-making school?
6. Kaffe Fasset BWAHAHAHA!!! Just being funny. You say you'd leave him but you never would. I'm guessing Johnny Depp. He's small, a sweater for him would go fast.
7. Aie ya, who forgot to buy coffee?
8. I'm going to say... Ballet and yoga. Or yoga and ballet.
9. You're my idol. Don't ever change.
10. Brainectomy?

It's evident that I'm not a good listener.

Happy Blogaversary

kerry said...

OK, no coffee yet. I screwed up my #2. I MEANT: Duvet fur you will make a sweater of, or just b.

Aie ya, is the coffee done yet?

Heatherly said...

ok, bolour is an iranian name, but if you put a K where the b is it say kolour which is a weird canadian spelling of color :-) so are you an iranian lover who loves kolour?

2. What is this?
although it looks like some one cleaned out rob zombie's hairbush...maybe it is and would make a rockin sweater stripe for the monkey thus giving you both the monkey and rob at the same time. but,ew!

hmm, is this a trick question? because all rooms and sheds can be used to house yarn. it was a pretty cute shed though



teach to spin but not with spindles?

rob zombie

i want to make aie ya socks that rock.

from knitting? no that would be horrible! and if he suggested knot knitting you would have to stab him with pointy sticks

it is definitely treatable with more fiber.

to become "Spinny Spindle-hands"?

Jacqui said...

2. it looks sinisterly like what happens when one tries to frog mohair... although you are missing the other piece - the formerly beautiful project that now could double as a pot scrubber... since that isn't a choice, and that would be a pathetic amount of fur for multiple cats on a duvet, i am going with the tribble.

3. any good monkey would build a wool room for his monkette, but my experience suggests they aren't so malleable. and, if you are anything the knitter i suspect, a new home = wool room. sincce b = c, i will pick the garden shed.

7. aie ya, i thought this test was hard before you added the language skills section.

8. typing, and if he is anything like the craft-forsaken MDs i know, he told you to stop spinning and small gauge knitting. when my arms act up, i rub 'White Flowers' on them, pour a glass of pinot noir and switch to a larger gauge project.

9. tsk tsk. why treat? that is just crazy talk. sheer madness.

10. cloning so you can work and continue crafting simultaneously?

i am fairly fresh to your blog, so i do not deny i am simply making up answers i like. :)

more importantly, i would think a blogiversary would warrant a stash increase, not a decrease!

Anthea said...

1. Dunno, but it works well.
2. Fur.
3. Garden shed and a darned nice job he did, too.
4. Getting older by the day.
5. Physiotherapist.
6. Keep the Monkey, at least he's semi-trained.
7. Aie ya, another Nihon Vogue dolman sleeve project!!
8. Puh-leeeze, no details!
9. Definitely untreatable and that's a Good Thing.
10. DIY surgery? Ouch.

Happy Blogaversary and many more!

Ian Sim said...

1. Monty Python, and introspection.

2. d) half a cat.

3. a) garden shed, but only so that you could have c) a wool room.

4. 17, in monkey years.

5. Knitting and spinning, apparently.

6. Nobody (trick question).

7. "Aie ya" IS a sentence.

8. Knitting, and less knitting. Its good to see that you are taking your doctor's advice.

9. Treatable. You seem to be getting treats for your addiction all the time.

10. I thought you only threaten to perform operations on others.

Denise said...

1. I’ll confess that I googled and discovered that a)“bolour k” is from Monty Python’s “Travel Agent Sketch” and b) I have been a bit slow on the uptake as to what a ‘bunt’ is.
2. (d) all that’s left of one of your more unfortunate Nihon Vogue classmates after the Jean assigned you all 1 week to design and knit original sweaters for the entire cast of Grey’s Anatomy. (hee hee hee)
3. a garden shed, so that you could have a wool room featuring the marvelous walk-in stash closet that I covet.
4. Old enough to appreciate you yet still young enough to complete household renovations.
5. Doctor of Knitology.
6. You’d be a spinny bunt to leave someone who enables your fibre addiction like the monkey!
7. Aie ya, I could have done better on this quiz but the dog ate my homework.
8. From knitting for the Nihon Vogue class. I expect the doctor suggested you give up knitting and that you promptly found a new PCP who wasn’t loco en la cabeza.
9. your fibre addiction is definitely not treatable nor would you want it to be (which is not to say that you don’t give it treats).
10. To surgically attach additional arms so that, in conjunction with your request for more hours in each day, you could spin and knit twice as much.

Anonymous said...

#5 kinesology

Anonymous said...

1.Ok the bolour Oops I mean the colour green of your blog doesn't give a hint as to what "bunt" is in the title. yes you spin and knit but heck if i know or what you bunt.
2. this is the tossed attempts at spinning the cotton for your Master spinners homework or probably "b" fur.
3 a garden shed so you could have a fibre closet
4. The monkey has been hanging around since high school so i think he is 40 also this year.
5.You went to college to learn to build wonderful guitars
6.You did say Rob Zombie but now that you can listen on your I pod all day long I think the Monkey wins .

7. aie ya I told you I can't type. So many questions.
8. Not from knitting. it is just cause you are 40 happy it is definitely untreatable.
10 i give up. What i will do to try to "win" another pair of your hand knit socks!
Keep writing witty happenings. Happy blogaversary.
from Rusty

Anonymous said...

Im not even going near the first question.... to many options.LOL
2. im going to say its fluffy ones off the duvet. I think it would be very entertaining if u saved it all for a sweater for the monkey!
3. All of the above!
4. Older than dirt!LOL 41 this year
5. y do i think therapy (sports)???
6. Jonny dep.LOL
7. aie ya is a sentance for me.
8. "playing to much"LOL kniting to clear it up!LOL
9. untreatable, ur broken its all down hill after 40.(but i still love you)
10. Ur gonna give me ur boobs!
P.S. Love the little T shirts!Will be over soon!