Saturday, March 17, 2007

Answers, Winners and an FO

First, the answers to my little quiz:

1. Monty Python. "Spell bolour with a "k"? Kolour! Oh what a silly bunt!" I used spinny to avoid being sued and because it worked for me a bit better. BTW, people have to do something truly appalling for me to spell "bunt" with a "k".

2. Cat hair, but I would have accepted any answer. And Lorinda, it's always been Kirk. I mean, come on! The guy has managed to avoid dying from galactic vd who knows how many times. You've got to admire his resilience if nothing else.

3. A garden shed that may someday soon become his new home so that I could use the old garden supply room as my wool room.

4. Older than me! He will always be older than me. That is the only acceptable answer.

5. Guitar building or Luthiery. And yup, I actually did make a decent living in my chosen field for a little while. Got some REAL interesting stories about musicians too. Ask me sometime.

6. Johnny Depp.

7. Aie ya IS a sentence. I use it in polite company instead of swearing. It manages to convey all sorts of emotions, but mainly horror and disgust.

8. I got tendonitis from knitting for the Vogue Nihon class. My Dr kindly suggested I just stop knitting and spinning for a few months and it would clear up. He then went on to suggest that I knit and spin less to stop it from flaring up. He stopped talking when he saw the look on my face and then suggested tylenol and ice.

9. I am continually treating my addiction with wool. So far, it hasn't let up. Hmm, I wonder why methadone doesn't work...

10. Tubal ligation with a rusty steak knife. Usually after a trip to the mall or mistakenly finding myself in a Chuck E Cheese.

And now, the winners!
Uli - sock yarn
Frauke - bags of mohair
Dad - food stuff
Irene (Rusty) - sock yarn turned into socks
Myriam (via write in vote) - topknot
Lorinda - handspun skein (please email me with your address)
Denise - roving (now you must tell me where you live, mwahahaha)
Anthea - sock book
Kerry - socks ( I KNOW where you live)
Heatherly - laceweight mohair (address please)
Jacqui - sock yarn ( I need your address too please)
I added an extra prize 'cause it seemed silly that only one person wouldn't get something. Ian Sim doesn't count as he is the monkey. Silly bunt thought he was being clever. I think his prize shall be a cuff upside the head. He didn't even get #6 right!

These are the finished monkey socks from the Second Sock Syndrome Swap. Debbie knit the first one for me and now I've got a pair. I like this someone else knitting one sock for me business. Any volunteers? I have a 7.5 foot, it's not that big, doesn't take long to knit a sock for that size foot.


Angela said...

Dammit! The trip out of town totally wreaked havoc with my plan to wow you with my answers.


I'll knit one sock for you if you knit one for me..

The monkeys are very attractive socks.

Jacqui said...

i second angela! i love the concept of second sock syndrome swap. what a great way to 'meet' new patterns! definitely would be up for a trading partner...

and who is slipping you rufies? because i can see no other way that a sane human would find herself in a Chuck E Cheese.

can i email you my address? [having had a couple borderline stalker experiences, i would rather not put it in the public record...]

kerry said...

I won! I won! I'm so excited! And SOCKS!! I'm such a lucky girl.

Denise said...

I can't wait to hear the musician stories the next time I see you.

I have added 'Aie ya' to my list of workplace-safe exclamations. I'm sure it will be well used.

Hey, we wear the same size sock! I don't think anyone would want to do a sock exchange with me though. My socks are pretty utilitarian (read 'boring'). I suppose I could branch out a bit with the patterns...