Thursday, March 01, 2007

Effing Groundhog!!!

Meet Punxsutawney Phil. He said we'd have an early spring. I say, he'd probably make a tasty stew as this is NOT my idea of an early spring on the Westcoast:

Just yesterday morning, crocuses, snowdrops and even daffodils were blooming. Today, this. Obviously large hole-living rodents aren't accurate predictors of the weather.
On the up side, my Spin to Knit swap pal sent me this beautiful skein, a pair of vanilla candles, some great goodies and a pen the monkey will never steal (it has marabou and a chocolate on the top).

The skein is three ply romney/mohair/merino/silk chunky weight. It's very soft and has a nice little halo that I think will really bloom when it's knit. This one's looking like a chunky ribbed hat for me. Many thanks Jaimie, it's gorgeous!

I think the cats have the right idea. Snug in and sleep till spring comes.


Chrissy said...

I agree about the rodents predicting the weather. I hear we're in for some more snow tomorrow. Your kitties definately have the right idea. They're so cute!

Jinxsa said...

Well it said it'ed be an early spring not immediate ( I say this mearly to put off rodent stew, it just can't be that good for you).

The snugglies are the cutest ever. Usually if I bust out the camera mine start fighting amungst themselves, even in thier sleep which is something to behold.

Is that cute blue knitting in progress I see in the foreground?

Anonymous said...

amere dusting 8in. here thurs now anice north wind to drift it and cool things off dad

Melanie said...

In my next life I want to be a cat. At your house, sleeping on knitting.