Thursday, February 22, 2007

Uh yeah, I needed another hobby

Since I have oh so much time and never really enough to do, I have decided to try my hand at basketry.
You can all stop laughing now. I am doing this voluntarily, they have not finally come to take me away. Stop. Laughing.
After five weeks of great instruction with Irene (she taught me to spin as well, multitalented lady), this is what I have so far:

The start of an Appalachian egg basket (it's already been mentioned that those must be some big ass eggs), a little wall basket and two little rectangular ones. The tiny rectangle basket isn't quite done yet.
There's been knitting going on as usual. I've actually been working through some of the stuff I got at Madrona. It's been pretty much instant gratification knitting, hats, socks, bags, etc. I still have to get back to the spinning homework, but now that the cotton I have to spin up for dyeing in level 5, I don't have any excuses. And time's running out.

Must go spin and do research!


Angela said...

Very nice looking baskets and I can't believe you're using your Madrona stash already!

Kerry said...

I don't remember any of those colors. Did you go shopping without me???

Nice stuff, though.

Baskets are fun to make. I won't laugh at you too much.

Melanie said...

Wow, the basket on the far right won my heart immediately! Really nice. Does the fibre stash closet have to share with basketry supplies now?

vanessa said...

love the baskets :-)
could you use the small wall basket to hang on your wheel for an oil bottle and other goodies?

Denise said...

Nice baskets! I've always wanted to learn basket weaving.

So are you using the LIFO stash inventory control method no? (Last In First Out)

Lavender said...

Irene can be very persuasive. Heh! I still haven't finished my egg's only been a year. Great looking baskets!