Monday, May 01, 2006

Things I learned this weekend

1. Spinning all day on stuff you have to do rather than stuff you'd like to do is more fun if you do it with someone else who's in the same boat. As you can see, Angela just loooves working with Clun Forest fleece. Made me feel so much better about the many kilometers of targhee I did and have yet to do.
2. A beautiful sunny day makes above mentioned spinning also seem much nicer.

3. Happy shed elves never work when you're home. If you're home they send the cheeky monkeys in their place. The monkeys are occasionally foul-tempered, make faces at you, swear and get tool belt pant sag (hence the "cheeky"). You can see a monkey on the shed roof at the top right of the pic. Thankfully, feces were not thrown.

4. Targhee does not fluff up as much as I had hoped. The many klics of 3 ply that I spun and washed have decided to be about a sport weight. It doesn't seem to matter how much a beg, whine, plead or cajole, it's still not a double knit. Crap.
5. I should have sampled my ply before I spun almost half a pound of roving. Damn.
6. A 3 ply sport will make a really nice light cable knit. Oh yes, it will.


hollyo said...

That's got to be the funniest picture of Angela ever posted on the web. EVER!

And yeah, I'm totally jealous of you getting to sit in the sun and spin. Even if it wasn't stuff y'all wanted to be spinning. Still. Outdoors! With sun! And monkeys!
(is that what they're feeding cougars these days?...)

Melanie said...

Yup, that picture of Angela will go down in history. You sure do spin beautifully! The Targhee is gorgeous.

Angela said...

Ahhh, what are friends for?

Kerry said...

Spinning outside on a sunny day with a good friend and a man doing chores nearby. Man, I hope nobody tried forcing you to eat chocolate on top of all that.

Anonymous said...

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