Thursday, April 27, 2006


So here's the finished Trellis scarf. I'm pretty happy to have it done. I didn't block it out very much as I liked the way the pattern looked a little denser. All in all, it worked out well, especially since it was our failed dyepot that had to be overdyed. It's way more purplely than the pics show. The variations in colour actually seem to work in my favor this time!

I'm pondering making a pattern for the hat in the previous post. What do you think? I'd love some feedback on it.

At last, a picture of the elusive Uzume. She seems to like having her pic taken about as much as I do. She's Loki's cat. I know it sounds weird, but yes, the dog has his very own cat. She sleeps with him, grooms him and lets him drag her around the house by a clump of her fur. They have a very strange relationship, but we love them anyway.


Uli said...

That's a really nice scarf. The hat pattern would be cool except I think it would look really funny on my melon head..... but I think it would make a nice pattern that many would enjoy.

Melanie said...

Trellis looks nifty with less blocking, kind of organic.

I think you should make the pattern for the hat. It's really cute, as is Uzume. My dog stole one of my cats too, once upon a time.

Anonymous said...

Yes a hat pattern and perhaps I may pick up needles and make myself a hat! But I love wearing the heart one I got from you many years ago.

karen said...

Why do I like cat pictures so much? Uzume is so cute. I'm not sure what to make of her cross-species relationship though. I'm not a bigot, - I just think it's weird. Cute, but weird.