Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Nine out of ten cats agree

... that puppies are Satan's hand puppets.
Don't get me wrong, Gir is very cute and we love him dearly.
But he's evil. Pure, unadulterated evil.
There are only two times he's quiet, when he's asleep and when he's doing evil. The later happens more often than the former. I know I'm older than when Loki was a pup, but seriously, Loki was a good boy. Very good it seems.
Gir runs around the house at mach 5 like his ass is on fire. A couple of times I had to grab him and check.
And the biting! He's sooooo bitey! If it sticks out, he bites it. You can see where this might cause problems. Especially with the male member of the household.
Cat wrestling/taunting/fur eating is one of his favorite activities. The cats have been unbelievably good natured about it so far. I don't know how long that will last.
I think Spike is planning an "accident" for Gir to have.
We've given him two baths since he arrived and he manages to smell stinky again within 24 hours.

Proof of bathing.
Pray for us.
I leave for Sock Camp on Saturday. So the monkey will have all the doggie fun for himself. I hope he's still here when I get back.


Angela said...

Which one, the Monkey or Gir?

Chrissy said...

They're so cute together! Kisses to puppy!

vanessa said...

omg, gir is too cute to be evil ;-)

Jacqui said...

as a qualified medical professional, i am compelled to remind you- 'An evil puppy is a healthy puppy!'

Rejoice in the evil puppy!

and take lots and lots of pictures...

Sheila E said...

You crack me up!
Gir is so frickin' cute....I'm glad that I'm on this end of the blog!
Aren't you glad that you have sock camp to run off to ;)
Have Fun!!

tapmouse said...

OMG but that Gir is stinkin' cute! Good thing, I guess or he'd probably be dead from the sounds of it!-lol!