Monday, April 07, 2008

...and then I cried like a little girl

*warning to fibre people* this post completely concerned with hockey. Hey, I'm Canadian, be happy it's not all about Tim Horton's, eh?

We knew last Thursday that the Canucks were out of the playoffs. That alone was fairly heartbreaking.
Then all the rumours that Linden was going to retire hit at full force.
Yeah, yeah, I know, it may have been Naslund's last game too. After the way he's played this season, I'm actually glad. I hope he does retire. He made it pretty obvious that he's tired of being here. Some games he looked like he was doing us this huge favour just showing up.
But Linden? That's bad, very bad.
He's been the heart, soul and face of the team for a very long time. He and McLean were the reason the 'Nucks almost won the Cup in '94. Forget about the prima donna Bure, Linden was the power player.
We need him now more than ever. With such an overwhelmingly young team and the captain likely retiring, we need a strong leader that people trust. That's Linden to a tee.
I hope the franchise does the right thing. Offer him whatever he wants to stay for at least another year. Fire Alain, rotating lines every 5 minutes doesn't work. 11th place proves it. Let Naslund go. 6 million for 27 goals? Not worth it. Keep Morrison. He's a hometown boy that grew up with the Canucks and loves them the way we all do. The team needs that.
Maybe Smyl would make a good coach. After this past season, could we do worse? 11th for cripes sake!! It's humiliating.
I don't want to cry at the end of next season... unless it's tears of joy as Trevor Linden hoists the Lord Stanley high over his head.
I'll happily cry for that.

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Secret Q. said...

I'm distracting myself from the sadness by thinking about all the TimBits I'm going to eat this weekend. Mmmm. Tim Horton's....
(fuckin' hockey losers. damn them. yes, the bad, bad words are still flowing. grrr.)