Thursday, August 09, 2007

Makeup fibre heavy post

I've been a little neglectful lately of the fibrey aspects of the blog. A lot of the work going on around here in the last little while has been of the stealth variety, which makes crappy blog fodder. I have managed to get some regular stuff done though, including getting my spinning book back with a passing grade.
I tried to get this Ruby hoodie by Bee's Knees done in time for the big birthday bash, but it just didn't quite make it. I'll send it in a couple of weeks when all the other birthday stuff is put away. I was worried about it fitting, but it seems pretty roomy, so Aurora should get a a lot of wear out of it. We call it Kermit around here.

This crossover tee also got done somehow. It was too cool to wear it when I finished it and now it's too warm. Go figure.

I've done very little beadwork in the past year, and even though there's supposed to be bead content here, there's been next to none.
So, tada!
A peyote beaded bracelet that's not quite done.
Peyote beading is so cool. You can make a beaded fabric without a loom. It feels like snakeskin.
Hope the intended recipient likes it.

I did buy a little fibre for myself in Olds. This is some of the mill ends that I'm supposed to share with Irene. I have to admit, I was tempted to keep it all. It's so incredibly gorgeous! All natural shades and all very, very soft. I have no idea what's in there (that's half the fun of millends), but it feels wonderful and I can't wait to work with it.
I have to get more design work and spinning homework done first, but then I'm going to use it as a reward.
I really want to spin this stuff!
Thinking a three ply (for the tweedy effect) in a DK weight for a sweater.

Stop poking at your monitor. Touch-o-vision still doesn't exist.


Jacqui said...

how did you know i was pawing my screen? do you have a nannycam in my office or something?!

congratulations on your spinning book!

glad to see you are finding time for some crafting fun.

Uli said...

Your version of Ruby looks great, too. They are roomy!!! Did you see mine all finished?

Love the bracelet!!!!

kerry said...

Cool bracelet, I've never seen anything like that before! Who are the people in it? They look like real people.

Cute stuff.

I think that your mill ends look like the stuff I made my first handspun sweater with. Love the stuff, favorite sweater all the way around,

Angela said...

Cool bracelet - I think the potential recipient will really like it.

nornspinner said...

Oh the fiber looks lovely. What are mill ends and how does one get them? And what is this spinning homework you mention? I also spin - are you taking the master spinner class?

Melanie said...

The detail in your beaded bracelet is incredible. You're so talented. The little hoody is really cute, and the mill ends look like they're going to be fun to spin.

Tiffany said...

please show me how to make a bracelet like that , I love it. Are we coming over on sunday? do you need to be blonded?