Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rogue almost done!

The body of Rogue is done! I started the sleeves last night and I think I'll have the sweater in one piece in a few days. This thing is knitting up so fast, and the alpaca/wool blend yarn is really soft and warm. The cables are showing up nicely even though I chose a dark color and the yarn does have a bit of a halo. And remember how I said that it was a perfect project 'cause the weather was all drizzley and grey and cold? The day after I started this, we were back to 25-28C days. Like I said before, I have sucky timing. Oh well, soon I will be on to my next project, which I think is going to be this:

I've got a bunch of black Bliss chunky merino that's just screaming to be this sweater. Not to mention how much stash room it would free up. 25 50g balls!! That's a good chunk of space. I get giddy just thinking about it.

I hadn't had any new spindles for weeks and then I suddenly have six new ones in less than a week. It's a conspiracy I tell ya! The spindles are homing in on me and sending themselves here. Now I have to find a storage solution for these things. Anyway, here's another etched Larson and a purpleheart Spindlewood. And no, I still haven't had a chance to test drive any of these spindles.
Where the hell is my charkha!?


Uli said...

Rogue looks awesome. Love the colour and I love that new project. Can't wait to stop by.

Lavender said...

I'm drooling all over the keyboard over your Rogue and new spindles. I LOVE the colour!! I'm a sucker for purple. :D

The spindles are really beautiful. Is that a glass spindle? I would be very nervous using it. I'm clumsy with spindles.

Angela said...

Where did you find that new project? Looks awesome.

K. said...

I *heart* your Rogue! Makes me want to make for the spinning, i'm sending you an email! Thanks so much!