Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Such a fine line between clever and stupid

And sometimes that line is an eight lane freeway. I love my new niece, but I just had to her get her this:

I know it's awful, but it's awful in that, "OMG what the hell is wrong with that child", funny sort of way. I think my brother and his girlfriend will get a big kick out out it. Not to mention the great pics they'll have to show prospective boyfriends in about 15 years.
"Oh yes, the overbite was quite extreme, but she's managed to grow into it."
Yeah, I know I'm evil. It's the mild snicker-behind-your-hand evil though, so that's okay, right?

I've finally started Rogue. I tried to sign up for the Fall Cables KAL, but I guess they don't like me. Lavender is doing hers so I thought I'd join her. I love knitting this thing. I want to work on it all the time. I wake up in the night and want to go knit on it. I've only been working on it for a couple of days and now I just want finish it and wear it. The weather is back to it's normal blecky self around here. Grey, drizzley, cold and damp. So it's perfect for Rogue. I want to wear this puppy now!

Calliope is almost done. Needs a good blocking, but came out fairly well. Should be a good tank for when the sun comes back around this way in another eight months or so. Timing is everything. I, apparently, have sucky timing.


Uli said...

You are evil............ ha..... that's funny. Glad you didn't gift JR with one of those. :-)

Ha, so you're knitting Rogue now. What's happening to the Noro beauty you had on the needles on Monday?

hollyo said...

Mmmm, Rogue. I've done that one three times now, and can totally see myself doing one more for myself. Wonder where my green one is, now that the weather has gone to crap...

Kerry said...

I'm in awe of all you get done.

That baby won't have friends because of you.

Annie said...

The Calliope is beautiful! Could you tell me where you found the pattern?

Angela said...

Ok, OK, it's moving up my to-do list.

Spinny Bunt said...

Hi Annie, Calliope is a Knitpicks pattern.

Lavender said...

Ok, I feel so guilty now. I've been seduced by the BPT on Knitty. It's so much fun! And quick too!

Ok...Rogue is next.

BTW, where did you get those teeth? I need a pair...for a friend. :D