Monday, September 11, 2006

Diary of a Fat Loser

My doctor's a sneaky bastard.
I went for my regular physical last week. Oh joy. At least he moves through it at warp speed, so the embarrassment is kept short. All was within acceptable parameters...or so I thought. He came back in after I was clothed and feeling human again.
This is the gist of the conversation:
Dr: "Your weight is down since your last visit. Are you working on it?"
me: " Off and on."
Dr: "What are you doing?"
me: "Oh you know, trying to eat better, walking the dog. Nothing drastic."
Dr: "Hmmm. I think people are more motivated by goals and deadlines. Don't you?"
me: (ohcrapohcrapohcrap) "uh yeah, sure."
Dr: "So how 'bout you come back in 6 weeks and we'll see if you can lose 5 lbs by then."
me: (you sneaky bastard!) "Uh, okay, I can do that."
Don't get me wrong, I know how lucky I am to have a doctor that takes an active interest in my well-being. I know it's rare these days. But he just slid that right in there. Damn. So I've been working out and eating less and I've taken about 2.5lbs off since last Wednesday. I'm aiming to get 10lbs off by my next appointment, a bit of the, "I'll show you" in me I'm afraid. Yeah, I know, I working on it.
On to knitting stuff. The Mystery Stole is done:

I lost a lot of the color as I don't think the Zephyr had been set properly. It's still a nice color, but it's a lot grayer than it started out.
I also finished the Lavold tank. It fits great and I love the color.

And for those of you who wanted to know what I found in my friend's quilting stash, you can find a version of it here. Tam's was rather impressive and I still think we should have left it in there for her mother to find. Tam would have liked that.


Kerry said...

I KNEW what I would find at that link and I went anyway. So now I'm going to have all kinds of great emails popping up, thank you very much. Your fault.

Lovely new top and shawl!

Lisa said...

Yeah, I was thinking it might have been that.

Good luck with the weight loss. My doctor is kind of the same way except my incentive was to not be put on cholesterol lowering drugs. I did great last year but now - not so good. The fish sounded great - and healthy too!

Angela said...

The new tank top looks great and the shawl is very pretty.

Melanie said...

The Mystery shawl looks so Victorian, it's very pretty.

I love your friend's little surprise. I'm going to start thinking about what kind of little bomb I can plant for those who inherit my stash. I'd far rather leave them gasping or laughing than sad.

LisaK said...

Atleast you were able to say you had lost weight. It keeps finding me....

Beautiful stole and tank!

I know someone that bought one of those at a yard sale once! I think it was an antique. ;-P

Kirsten said...

LOL! I love Tam's sense of humor!

Angela said...

Hey wait - isn't at least one of us going to have to go through Melanie's stash?