Sunday, September 03, 2006

How come he gets to go fishing?

So. The monkey's off having (I'm guessing here, 'cause he hasn't called) a great time fishing and I'm having a great relaxing time at home right?
Um, no.
Yesterday was spent doing laundry and errands. I did spend a few hours with a friend which was so nice, but after that, back to work. Today wasn't much different. But today I had help! Yay!
Lynne came over and spent a big part of her day helping me turn these:

Into these:

As Holly says, the pear tree decided it needed to feed the world this year. We made four batches of jam and barely dented the crop.
Lynne decided I shouldn't loll about and brought me these from the farmer's market:

She is evil!
Tomorrow will be spent making grape jelly from those gorgeous wild grapes she brought me.
Now, I was going to leave you with a wonderful pic of the Mystery Stole blocking in the evening sun, but sadly, the zephyr is leeching dye like a sumbitch.

I am sooo not impressed. This is the third rinse and it's just as colorful as the last ones. It will spend tonight having it's dye set once and for all. Good thing I didn't just press it and throw it on. I'd look like a smurf!
PS: big sale at Knitopia starting Wed. Go help Lynne part with some of that yarn. You know you wanna!

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gray la gran said...

and what a pretty shade of blue that zephyr is! i have a basil zephyr shawl, and i don't remember it turning the water very green when i wet blocked it, but ... it's been such a long time, that if i dunked it now, it would probably turn the water brown. ick. but, i did pin it to the top of my bed, on the sheet, and there was a nice green pattern inprinted on my sheets when i removed the dry shawl. i think it washed out.