Monday, August 28, 2006

Are we there yet?

Now I know how long it takes me to knit a pair of basic socks. Nine hours.
I don't usually do anything in the car on road trips as I can get motion-sick by trying to read a map in a moving vehicle. I thought I'd give it a go, figuring that just plain knit was something I didn't really have to look at as I worked. I made sure that I had the cuffs done before I got in the car and I finished off the toes on arrival, but still, not bad for time I normally just sit staring out of the window and changing cds.
I'll think of it as a warm-up for this:

Check it out if you're a little crazy, competitive and willing to knit socks like your life depends on it. In this case it kinda does.
Anyhow, our trip to Salmon Arm went well and we got see some of the monkey's family. We had a very nice visit albeit quite short. Lots of food, lots of drink and a fair bit of knitting for me. I got halfway up the back of a Lavold tank. The trekalong sock never made it out of the bag. And I didn't buy any wool. The monkey was shocked and a little pleased.
On our drive home we saw a moose! It was wading in one of the small lakes between Kamloops and Merritt. Very cool! Wish I'd been able to get a pic.
Friday the monkey's off to the island for some fishing. The standard household rule will be in effect: no fish, no come home. I know it sounds cruel given that I'm sending a guy from northern Sask. salmon fishing, but hey, he gets to go fishing and I get to look after the dog. I'll be soaking the cedar plank, there'd better be fish!


Holly said...

NINE HOURS? How the hell did I let you talk me into this Sock Wars thing? I'm so doomed. SOOOO doomed. Crap.

LisaK said...

Nine hours?!? That didn't look like worsted weight yarn....

What does one do with a soaked cedar plank?? Is he allowed to buy fish and then come home?

If you have any good salmon recipes please share. My FIL lives in Alaska in the summers. We have more salmon in the freezer than I will probably live to eat. There are only so many ways to cook fish and not make it taste like fish (picky kids).

Dipsy D. said...

Wow, 9 hours, that's stunning! And I so love your socks, the color you used is beautiful! Fantastic work!

K. said...

Hey, I'm really happy to know that you're my SP! Thank you soooooo much for spoiling me so much!

Take care