Sunday, August 20, 2006

My KSKS pal kicks ass

Check this out!
This has to be the best kit ever. My pal Lisa, put a ton of thought into everything she sent. I love it all.
There are two skeins of handpainted sock yarn and it's so soft, a pair of patterns that I can't wait to knit, fibre to spin some sock yarn ( that is just too cool, can't believe she though of it), some very yummy chocolate that didn't melt even though it had to go coast to coast in the August heat, grapefruit hand lotion and.... really beautiful sewn cases, one for accessories (it came with needles, crochet hook, emery board, needle holders, and darners!) and the other for the socks in progress.
Thanks for everything Lisa! The rest of you can go be jealous now.

I think I should get a prize for worst run-on sentence ever.


beverly said...

What a great kit! Be sure to post a picture in the Flickr gallery!

Melanie said...

Welcome home - wasn't that nice to come home to? Wow, I'm impressed.

Lavender said...

Wow! That is a great swap! Your Pal has excellent taste in chocolates. Is that the Elfine socks pattern in there? I love those socks!

Angela said...

I am a most unattractive pea-green with envy. :(

Kerry said...

Love the colors of the yarn!

So how was class?

I got new spindles and you weren't there for me to tell you about them!!!

eve knits said...

What a great kit!!

AnnieB said...

I was looking at your pictures on the Trek-along, and was wondering if you could tell me what is the number of the Trekking with the blues and orange? I love that color combo, and would love to get some!