Monday, July 17, 2006

Sunny daze

Ever have one of those days where you just can't seem to focus, but it doesn't seem like a bad thing?
I feel like that today.
I was working on the Mystery stole (see pic below) even though I really need to work on the the insane cardy (see pic below pic below), and it just wasn't working for me. What to do? Nothing seems to be ready to be finished. The pile of WIP is massive and I. Can't. Focus.
So. I put on loud, heavy music and clean house. Come on, we all do it. Put on loud music, sing along over the sound of the vacuum cleaner and bop around. Curtains closed of course. Wouldn't want the neighbors calling the nice young men with their clean white coats. Very cathartic. Feel better and now the dishes, laundry, dusting and vacumming are done. Bonus points for me!

This is the aforementioned Mystery Stole. I'm almost caught up, but with a clue a week and piles of other crap to do it's a bit of a struggle. It's kinda cool though. The big medalliony thing in the centre is neat and it's different from other lace knitting I've done. The fact that's it's not a repeating pattern and therefore needs to be knit with pattern right at hand does make me mildy batshit, but I'm dealing.

This is the insane cardy. Progress has been made and hopefully later this week I'll have a "which part of the sweater is it", guessing game. It won't be easy. Hell, I'll be lucky if I can get it right.

On the positive side, I have the nicest and most talented friends. People who make me laugh till I need clean undies, and are amazingly generous with their love and their time. Don't worry, you won't need fillings if you continue reading.
Roz made this for the impending niece. How great is that? Very freaking cute.
And hey, the new addition's name is Aurora Rose. Should be here in about a month. I'll try and get a pic of the bloat she's causing her mom next week.

In case the loud, heavy music mentioned above didn't tip you off, I'm not exactly a "granny" knitter. This is my baby and the monkey and I waxed her this past weekend. Shiny! Nothing says summer like a convertible.
And see what I mean about talented? My brother did the side splash of spideys.
Well, think I'll go read in the sun for a while. The rest of the laundry can wait.
Hey! Almost forgot. My SP got her parcel. You can check out what I sent here, but keep it on the down-low, 'cause she still doesn't know who I am.
PS: I've added a couple more Nihon projects to the gallery. The Effing Oak Leaf Cardy (as it's lovingly referred to) is there now.


vanessa said...

love the mystery stole, haven't started mine yet.
heehee, i was looking at the insane candy photo, and wonedring which piece was which!

Uli said...

I think I want you to be my SP..... and it would be easy.... you know my favourtie colours. :-)

K said...

Just popping in from Amazing Lace. Guess I will wander around a bit and look for the lace pardner. Nice car!