Wednesday, July 12, 2006

KSKS ready to go

I've finally got my sock kit pal's stuff ready to go.
There's the felted bag to cart around all the gear, a hemp wrist bag (that I just finished this morning) for sock knitting on the move, pattern, Fancy image hand-dyed yarn, some funky sheep markers, a chibi with the smaller set of darning needles, tape measure, bamboo needles and some edibles. Hope she likes it!

These are the colors I spent a whole day dyeing in Olds. The color wheel reds we did are pretty sucky and I'm going to redo them. The red is very orange and the separation of colors is almost nonexistant. Back to the dye pot for those.
The blue and purple runs are gradations that I have to use in either my final project or a small project. We only have to use eight colors, so I'll likely take the fourth one out of each run so the separation is more noticeable. I'm thinking of doing a pair of gloves with the blues and a hat with the purples. Neither colors fit into my final project.
The mauvey skeins above the color wheel were injection dyed as balls and then squeezed to blend the colors. Not as dark as I wanted and they may be done over as well.

I did buy a couple of Cotswold fleeces and some suri/silk roving in Olds, but the wood gadgets really outshine the wool. Most of this I bought from Mr Tabachek but there are few things from Forrester as well.
Here's the low-down: mahogany 1yd niddy, purpleheart sample niddy, bubunga noste, maple noste, purpleheart and maple darning egg (thing's huge, I could use it as a sap!), zebrawood diz, lacewood support bowl, bubinga diz, redheart and maple compact deluxe, bubblegum laminate compact deluxe.
I'm pretty pleased with the haul and I hope Mr Tabachek recovered nicely from the scare.


margene said...

What a beautiful bunch of spindles and other wood goodies. I'm just leaning to spin and find I want to have a bunch of stuff!
Your KSKS pal is going to be VERY happy!

Uli said...

Your kit looks awesome. Wow!!!! I'm still struggling with mine but it's mostly time related and my bag is a bit small.

Kerry said...

You're killing me.

So what are the dimensions on the compact deluxe? I only see them for sale on the Bellwhether and they don't give measurements.

Bea said...

Oh me oh my!!!! BEAUTIFUL work on the kit!!! I'm so hopin' it's MINE!!! hehehe! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

The wood items really are gorgeous. What wonderful tools to add to your collection!

Youe KSKS pal is very lucky. I'm hoping to work on your bag tomorrow since I'll be home and the little one will be at camp. Meanwhile, I have been collecting things to put in it.

Melanie said...

Oh boy, the tools are gorgeous!

vanessa said...

great haul! and the dyeing is lovely :-)

Angela said...

I'm pretty sure he recovered. He did stop and have a nice chat with me on the last day.

Lavender said...

Wow! Looks like your "research" is going well! I still haven't got the hang of spindle spinning yet but it doesn't seem to stop me from buying them.

Amanda said...

Hi there! I saw your KSKS kit over at Debbie's blog, and wanted to say how lovely everything is! Also, I wondered what patterns you used for your felted and hemp bags. I love them!