Monday, June 05, 2006

Punis and finished stuff

I admit it, I just like the word "punis". It sounds kind of naughty and it's hard to say it without smirking just a little. Punis are tight little cotton rolags. I ordered some to compare them with the ones I make myself. The bought ones are far superior. They card the crap out of the cotton and it's very uniform and soft. Very easy to spin these suckers. I plan on using them with my Bosworth charkha that won't be here till the end of August. Until then, the punis taunt me.
The very pretty lacewood spindle on top of the punis is apparently the last Mielke made for the time being. Kerry was so nice to pick it up for me at MDSW. Her spindle karma is good!
The two spindles in the foreground are from a local guy who's selling on ebay as Viking Santa. Very pretty spindles that spin really well.

Another baby sweater done. Well, sort of. It doesn't have buttons yet, but this may a good excuse to go to the button store downtown. I loooove self striping sock yarn. It's making my life very easy right now. I'll do some more interesting baby stuff too, but the stripey stuff is so damn cute.

And hey! I got the massive beach sweater done. The monkey could even tell it was an owl, so I think I did an okay job of the design. I couldn't find a traditional cowichan design that tweaked me, so I did my own. The border is a traditional pattern, but the owl's all mine. It'll be great on those chilly fall mornings by the water.

The monkey's off in the middle east for the next week and sent me pics today. Of course he mocks me with a foreign market. He gets to shop in a foreign country, while I spent the day cleaning out the kitchen cupboards. I fart in his general direction. Hmmf!


Lavender said...

Oh! I now have major spindle envy! I have a spindle (ok...a few) but haven't got the hang of it yet. Everytime I pick one up, I keep thinking how much easier it is spinning on the wheel. Viking Santa, you say? I'll have to just go look at this stuff. :D

I love your sweaters...especially the cowichan one. The owl is fabulous!

Joel said...

I must say I really like the cowichan! From it's shape to the different lines in it and the whole design. Who knows, perhaps the Lady will make one for me just like that (except she'd be more likely to make a monkey on the front 'cause she thinks I am one!... go figure!) *LOL*

Seriously, keep up the good work. It's great!

Kerry said...

Love the cuddly sweater! I hope Murray's bringing home some cool stuff from the market if he's going to torture you like that when you've just made him that great sweater. geez. oh yeah - I guess he worked pretty hard on the bedroom and the yarn shed. Ok, he deserves the sweater. He can still bring home cool stuff, though. Do you suppose he'd be able to track down a spindle?

Vicki said...

A Bosworth charkha! I tried one out at MS&W and loved it. Lucky you!

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