Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Amazing Lace: Scary Extreme Knitting

You want extreme knitting? I'll give ya extreme knitting!
Here I am, knitting away on the Adamas shawl on a sunny day. Looks nice and not terribly dangerous right? But wait! I'm not wearing sunblock! Ooooooh! And I'm not using a pattern! Ahhhhhhh! And I've neglected to run any guidelines at all! Oh the humanity! Where will the madness end?! I was drinking martinis while I knit that lace too! I got yer danger right here baby.

There's more! Witness the wool/silk yarn I dyed myself that has been started and yet the pattern has gone missing. Will I ever find the pattern or will I have to rip it all out and start over. Even if I find the pattern, will I be able to determine what row I was on? Oh the horror!

See the Charlotte's web shawl that ran our of wool! Aiya!
Will it be relegated to the closet forever?!
Stay tuned...


Angela said...

Aiya indeed. The wonder will be if I ever start my AL project.

Uli said...

Pretty scary stuff........ but you're doing it all on that great deck of yours!!! Guess you got rained out today.

Theresa said...

The horror! The horror! (But wear sunblock next time!)