Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Murphy's Knitting Law

It's always the way and you'd think by now I'd know better.
I bought 16 balls of wool/cotton in a discontinued color. I thought, "hey, 16 balls should be enough to do a sweater". Which I should know is a knitter's equivalent to the "E" on the fuel gauge meaning "enough".
The Nihon Vogue instructor suggested that we might like to make this cardigan as the construction is challenging. I thought, "hey, I've got wool/cotton in that great color in my stash and it'll be perfect for that cardy!" Most people wish for a fairy godmother, I now wish for the dumbass fairy. The dumbass fairy is a burly little thing that comes around whenever a piss poor idea pops into your head and just gives you a good thump on the back of the head as she mutters "dumbass" under her breath. Thus, you smarten up and come up with a better idea. Sadly, the dumbass fairy has forsaken me and I continued with my charming idea.
The swatch took a ball and a half. THE SWATCH!
At this point, panic set in. I combed all the shops and the web in search of more of this color. I got lucky, sort of. Found 4 balls in two different dye lots. So now I think I have enough, but I have 3 different lots to deal with. Luckily, the way the sweater's worked will help me hide them.

I've got the better part of one sleeve done now. The lace is the underside of the sleeve and the seam is actually up the side of the panel. Kinda cool.
I've my kit going for my sock kit pal. Hope she likes it. My pal contacted me today too so it's all good. I've decided not to carry on with The Amazing Lace. Initially, I thought it was just a knitalong, but it's not and I just don't have the kind of time required to do some of the wild posts they're asking for. It has spurred me on to more lace knitting though, so it worked out for the best.
The Point O' the Wave stole is stalled as I ran out of wool. Don't ask. See above.
Where is that bloody fairy when you need her?!


frauke said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I knew that sweater was going to be challenging but hey why not have something that is so complex to knit and also continue to keep yourself on edge with "do I or don't I have enough yarn?". I am holding my breath and keeping everything I own crossed for you. You are a very brave woman............as for lace...hrumph!!!!! that's all I have to say for that subject. I envy anyone who can deal with that "stuff" and I wish I had heard that same dumbass fairy when I thought I could attempt it.

Kerry said...

That sweater is unfreakingbelievable. How many sweaters have you made for this program? I would love to see a gallery.

Uli said...

Wow....... quite the sweater. Sending you lots of lucky fairy dust that you'll have enough now.

Melanie said...

What Kerry said - a gallery would be great. You do like living on the edge, dontya? Hope you've got enough yarn to finish the cardi.

HPNY Knits said...

I could not stop laughing when I read your yarn advetures. its like gambling, ain't it, you know what you know and you go at it anyway.
and way to go it is!
it looks fab. no wonder you like it and want to make it!!

Angela said...

Gorgeous sweater.