Thursday, June 29, 2006


Due to popular demand (two people can comprise popular demand right?) I've finally figured out how to link to a gallery. I haven't got everything up yet as I exceeded my free limit and I'm trying to decide just how cheap I really am. I'll likely give the flickr people the paltry sum they demanded and do this right, but for now, suck it up 'cause that's all ya get!
And yeah, some of the sweaters aren't blocked and my compostion is crappy, but sheesh what do ya want? I'm no Ansel Adams and this isn't MOMA. Deal.


kerry said...

oooh aaaaah!!! My favorite is the dragon scales, then the fair isle. I love the Manos sweater, too, and the cables splitting at the vee. and and and..

LisaK said...

You have done some awesome work there!

Thanks for sharing (more! more!)

Melanie said...

Wowza! That's quite a collection! You have used some really intriguing techniques. I just love things that have an interesting construction - they make me silly happy. I love the mitred square pullover, and the dolman sleeve pick up is brilliant.