Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yay! More spindles!!!

Two more spindles for the Great Spindle Research arrived this morning. A Deluxe Tabachek and a Hatchtown Amelia. They're sitting here next to the Golding that came on Saturday, waiting to be tried. I have to figure out some sort of spindle storage thingy now as the spindles seem to be breeding at an alarming rate.
So far, the Bosworths, Forresters and the Tabacheks are my favs. I think I need to be 8 feet tall to take full advantage of the Forresters! Oh, I almost forgot the Kunderts! Also amazing, and very pretty.
Mur and I spent some time on the weekend clearing crap out of the workshop and it's looking more and more spindle ready. In his favor, he said nothing of the massive quantities of yarn and fibre that had to be put in the attic.
It has also been decided that the gardening store room will become the fibre store room. Hooray! Garden shed to come. Which I'm sure will be good for some very entertaining posting and much threatening of my man's well being.
The gansey for the sixth project of the Nihon Vogue (year 2) course is down to just the sleeves.Pics to come...


Angela said...

Hello Spindle pusher lady. May I come over and play soon?

Melanie said...

I need to introduce you to Kerry who has also been on the big spindle binge, er, research project too. How about some pictures of the collection?

Kerry said...

I like the term "Spindle Research Project". It has an air of sanity to it. I've been told we're kindred spirits - I think that means neither one of us has a cell's worth of spindle resistance. We need to compare lists. Privately is fine - I'm not up to making my binging completely public yet. :-)

Twisted By Choice said...

Heh! I like the "Spindle Research Project". That can be applied to fibres as well? "Fibre Research Project" has a better ring than just stash. :)