Thursday, March 23, 2006

Not an Excuse to Buy Spindles...Really!

It has come to my attention that everyone thinks the Spindle Research Project is about as real as most of Cher. This is not true. Okay, mostly not true. Sort of not true?
I do plan to make spinning supplies and drop spindles are high on the list of things to make. Unfortunately, there is very little info anywhere about what makes a really good spindle. To find out what makes a really good spindle, I have to try a lot of spindles right? Right!?
So. here's some pics of the spindles I have researched so far. I've learned a lot. I now know what makes a truly heinous spindle. Cup hooks (insert involuntary shudder here) are just one of the problems.
And hey Irene, this is for you..."dyeing"


Angela said...

Words escape me.

Wait, that may be drool.

Melanie said...

I am .... jealous. Yes, it's true. Very unbecoming of me. I am overwhelmed with spindle envy.

Lavender said...

It's terrible what we must endure for the sake of research. :D

sillyewe said...

OMG, can I come over?