Thursday, July 03, 2008

Stupid brain

I need to figure out how to shut my brain off at night. Staying up till three just isn't as much fun as it used to be. I think because there used to be other people up with me and alcohol was involved. I did get to see a really good lightening storm last night though. It was very impressive. We don't usually get such good ones here on the west coast.
But really, I need sleep.
The book is keeping up nights now. There's a website under construction, domain names are parked, software has been bought, and I'm rapidly filling a notebook with ideas. If only I could do it during daylight hours!
Anyhow, because of all this, the blog will soon be moving to a new home and changing it's name. Hopefully this will happen within the next month. I'll put a redirect here when the switch happens.

Lorena send me a great parcel this week. There's some of her handspun and a batt of the same fibre blend of dorset, meerino, silk and mohair in a very pretty green; another of her batts inan alpaca, silk and merino blend; two skeins of Artyarn merino (which is destined to become socks); some chocolates and two citrus infused honeys that I can't wait to try. For some reason, Florida seems to have the best honey I've ever had. Must be all those killer bees.
Thanks Lorena! There's something on it's way to you right now.

Since we finally got some good weather, we've been able to make some improvements around our property. My shop finally doesn't look like a decrepit old hovel anymore. Some paint, a new door and flowers have spruced it right up. I'll spare you the inside view as it's not nearly as nice... yet.
We spent Canada Day doing yardwork, but it was worth it. Everything looks a lot tidier . The kiwi no longer seems to be some west coast variety of kudzu that's trying to dominate everything in it's path, including the neighbour's yard.

Yes, that does look like a different dye lot doesn't it.
Bloody Arucania. I had a sealed bag of ten. Even though there are no dye lots on the stuff, you'd think they'd be from the same batch if they're in the same bag. Obviously, that's not the case. I'm leaving it. It's done and I can move onto to other ufos. It's just a casual hoody, so harm done.

It's the Olive Branch yoga hoody from webs, sort of. I made it a pullover and added ribbing in places. It only took seven hanks of Nature Wool and now I have three more to make a scarf or something.

No pics of Gir this go 'round. He's recovering from tutoring and has asked that there be no photos. So here's one from April, right before I left for Sock Camp. It's my girlfriend and me at the Sidney ferry. She's tall, thin, blonde and funny. Try not to hate her too much, she's really very nice. Besides, I remember her from back in elementary school, when she was tall, thin, had a blonde afro and wire framed glasses. She has to be nice to me. I have photos.


Uli said...

The shop looks great!!!!

Lorena said...

Florida does indeed have the best honey-- and it tastes even better in person. Just sayin'!

tapmouse said...

Gir looks so cute (I know, he's evil...)-worst kind, huh? LOVE the Tamarissa pattern and your hoodie-even with the change in dye lot! You have been busy, girl!