Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Off to Madrona

Only one more day till I'm back on the southside of the border.
Holly and I are going to spend the afternoon tooling around Seattle and then we're going down to Tacoma for the Madrona Fiber Festival. I'm not taking any classes this year and I've still managed to be pretty busy.
I made up some stitch markers for my friends. I needed something small because a lot of us are traveling light or have to fly. Not to mention how much more room small gifts leave for yarn and roving. I really like the coloured tiger tail. I'm going to have to find more of it as it makes the beads look even better.

I did some spinning for the first time in ages over the last couple of days. I spun a half pound of superwash merino from Crown Mountain in a 3 ply sport weight. I started sunday night and finished this morning. I haven't washed it yet.
This was a great roving to work with. It drafted easily and smoothly. The colour changes give a very tweedy effect with the 3 ply.
I also made a rather nich discovery about my new Wild Flyer. I can ply a half pound of fibre with it and have no knots!
That is one very big skein.

Puppy Update:
Gir is still quite a bit smaller than the others but is wagging his tail alot. He's still taking milk from his mom, but is eating kibble as well. Five more weeks till he comes to live with us.


Jacqui said...

wow! that is some lovely yarn!

can't wait to see you. :)

Uli said...

Nice stitch markers. I want some. Wish I could come.......

have fun

Vicki said...

Nice yarn! and Stitch markers!! Don't have to tell you to have a great time at Madrona; I know you will!! :)