Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Can I breath now?

December is a crazy month around here. Birthdays, parties and, of course, Christmas. Most of it involves some traveling and if we're lucky, the weather cooperates.
It's always fun and exhausting.
We had fondue, went out to a very nice restaurant (I had duck for my birthday, it was delicious!), decided we were too full from munching stuff from our stockings on Christmas day, so had a ham on Boxing day.
There was a lot of food.
A lot of food.
I may never eat again.
We had fun with our presents and spent untold hours watching tv on dvd. Pretty much just holed ourselves up for 3 days after the big event. The monkey got me a PSP. I spent the morning on ebay finding some skins for it.
Life is quickly resuming normal programming.
Socks are being knit.

These are the Yarnissima Digitessa socks in STR lightweight Pond Scum. I know, I know, I'm just too lazy to add a link today. It's not that hard to find and her other patterns rock too.
And yeah, I'm aware that Pond Scum is very outside my colour preferences and the socks don't fit me. They're not for me. I sent a friend a pair of socks for Christmas and she liked them. Kind of a lot. So much so that she sent me a bunch of yarn in colours she liked. She's so subtle. Looks like she'll get a pair every so often this year. What the hell, I usually knit more socks than I know what to do with in a year anyway.

These socks were a present so I couldn't put them up before now. They're the Embossed Leaf (fer fuks sake google it!) in a rare gems colourway of STR. I love that colour. Love it. Almost regret gifting it.
I'm off to watch the final cut of Blade Runner now. Apparently if I can't figure out if Deckard is a replicant after watching this version, I am a moron.
I really want him to be a replicant.
I am fully aware of my geek status. You don't have to comment on it.
I totally know.


Jacqui said...

Wow! The Yarnissima Digitessa socks are spectacular. Just gorgeous!

Angela said...

The Digitessa socks look great! Pond Scum is sort of growing on me...

Denise said...

You mean if I send you yarn you might knit me socks? Is this how it works? I have yarn here - I'm not afraid to mail it...

I love pond scum. I think socks might be the only reasonable way for me to indulge my unreasonable love of chartreuse yarn (my blond coloring + yellow tones = living dead appearance).