Monday, November 05, 2007

Generosity, cat wisdom and deadlines

Things have been a little hard around here without the doggie. It's getting better, but every once in a while it still sneaks up on me and slaps a crying jag on my ass.
And lately, the generosity of my friends has never been more obvious.
The pic above is what I received from Jacqui today. That blue skein is yarn she handspun! It's lovely! There's gorgeous roving, tea, soap, candies (mmm apple), a wind chime to make happy sounds outside and a row counter that she made.
And there's the Dog Heaven book.
I'll be giving the box of tissues to the monkey before I let him read it.
Jacqui is also the person who got me going on the PIF thing. She needs one more person, so people, please, go sign up on her blog. It's a really worthwhile thing to do and you'll likely meet some great new friends.
There may be a puppy in our new year. I've kept in touch with the breeder that we got Loki from and had been talking to her about a new schippe before we lost him. It looks like we may have a new pup sometime around March/April.
This is a very good thing. Spike is not nearly as enthused with playing with humans as he was with the dog. But he has taught me something very valuable over the last couple of weeks. Taking a few moments to lie in a patch of warm sun on the kitchen floor is very cathartic. I've watched him do it for years. He used to do it with Loki. They'd both lie on the rug in front of the sink in a patch of sunshine for hours. I never thought much of it, but the other day, I decided, "what the hell" and joined him. It felt great! Very relaxing.
Cats are smart.
Humans, less so.
And, as for how I'm making out with deadlines:

These are the socks I got done for a friend's craft sale. I'm a pair short, but nine's not bad. The stuff for the other big deadline is coming along nicely. The deadline was Oct 15th, but I'm almost done and I promise, it'll be worth the wait.
Now off to get the Christmas shopping done!
Nope. I'm not kidding.


Uli said...

Those socks look awesome!!! I'm glad you're doing alright.... thinking about you lots - just not ever any time to do much of any socializing these days - especially with the inlaws living at our house.

Lorena said...

NINE...? Nine pairs of socks? Girl. You put me to shame.