Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I really want to thank everyone for their nice thoughts about Loki. It's so quiet around here without him, I'm still not used to it. We got his ashes back yesterday and plan to take him for a last walk in the dog park. Seems like something he would like.
We are trying to remember just his happy little foibles. Like the funny "aroo" sound he always made when yawned and the way he would give the human nearest to him a dirty look when he farted and would make a big show of moving away from the stench.
We've also made a funny/gross discovery about our beloved little doggy and his cat. Uzume has been leaving large dingleberries around the house almost daily for the last little while. This is a seemingly new occurrence. We suspect it is NOT a new occurrence, but that Loki was getting a daily cat poop treat courtesy of Uzume. Funny, but kinda nasty too. Ummm, ick?
So. Like the header says, pretty normal around here, but a little effed up too.
I sum up my workpile like this right now: You know how when people are deep, deep, deep in debt and just keep spending like Rockefellers? Because hey, what's another couple hundred when you're in the hole by hundreds of thousands? That's what my deadlines are like right now. I am no longer panic stricken. I care, and things are getting done, but it's not really registering. I'm that deep in the hole.
There are only four more Nihon classes left in year three and I have two garments to complete. I still have a sweater and shawl pattern to write up for immediate publication. That deadline was last week. The crying over that one happened two weeks ago. I have moved on.
I've decided to shelve the master spinner program for the coming year as I want to try to have my book done and published by February 2009. The monkey keeps asking how he can help. I tell him to come up with the money and just smile and nod when I go completely batshit crazy trying to do this next year. No tiger poking.

In other news, my friend Kerry has published some great baby patterns. Go check out her site, Northern Palm Designs.
I had the pleasure of test-kniting this cutie for her:

And on friday, the charming parcel guy delivered a box full of happy from Lorena. The timing was perfect. The only way that it could have been better is if I could have gone to Rhinebeck with the lot of them. Maybe in a couple of years. I think I may be tied up this time next year...

Anyway, it's a great package. There's yarn. Hand-dyed, handpsun AND hand-dyed and a skein of Great Adirondack. It's all gorgeous and I am greatly honoured to have a skein of Lorena's handspun. She sent me her soap too. Which is good because now I don't have to send her a nasty email about how unfair it is that you can only get her handmade soap if you go to their soon-to-be-open shop in Gainsville called Hanks.
There were Disney cookies (the monkey and I ate them first), the now infamous grape jelly that should come in plastic jars, there's lime jelly too, but it's already in the fridge. And, of course, the Florida Gators cold mug. There's tea from Canada, which is amusing, the florida Bud coaster that I had to make sure Holly didn't take home with her, a Lorna's Laces pattern and a bunch of info from the magic kingdom which I assume is to try to lure me down to Epcot.
Like I need to be lured anywhere warm!
Oh! And the Lime Buds! You can try and pry those out of my cold dead hands. Just go ahead and try.


Denise said...

Okay, the cat poo thing? Gross, yet oddly funny (and reminiscent of a thankfully brief phase from Toby's puppy days).

You know, if there's anything I can do to help just let me know!

Melanie said...

I hope you can get out from under that pile o' work soon and enjoy some time to yourself.

That's an adorable baby sweater.