Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Joy of Home Ownership

We decided earlier in the year that the house was due for an exterior paint job. Of course, right after we thought this was a good idea, the weather got too hot to paint.
Now that it's cooled off (bloody cold if you ask me) we can get to it. As usual, the monkey has grossly underestimated the amount of work this is and only took one day off work. We didn't even manage to get the priming done. So this week I've been at it on my lonesome.
This is the before:

Yeah, I know the purple is cute. But it's been ten years and it's looking a little dirty and old now. Not to mention the fact that I'm just sick of it. I wanted the house outsides to better match all the updating we've done to the house insides.
So now, it's looking like this:

Kinda boring, but I think when we're done it will look really nice and a lot more modern. Clean and tidy too. The wood on the peaks will be gray like the stucco and the trim will be white.
I didn't get all the gray done yesterday as there's an awful lot of it to paint and the monkey bought a ladder that's made out of solid lead. Okay, so it's aluminum, but it's incredibly heavy. He managed to "accidentally" break the other nice light ladder we had by falling off it into the hedge on Monday. Yeah, yeah, he's fine. I say "accidentally" because he's been going on about the mega heavy ladder since he saw it last week. And I mean going on. He was starting to sound like a teenage girl in lust with some insipid boy-band member. It had gotten to the point over the weekend where I just looked at him mooning over the damned ladder and told him to just buy it already before I threw-up.
So now we have a ladder that I can barely carry. And after six hours of painting, the thought of toting that beast around the house so I could do all the cutting in and high up stuff, I almost cried. Instead, I just put everything away until tomorrow when the monkey will be around to tote what I have dubbed "el leado" around the house.
There's this great stuff you can get from Home Hardware that makes cement look nice too, so we'll be doing that to the walkway when we get the house done.
We still have to prep and prime the shop as well. Hopefully, the weather will hold long enough for us to get all this done.

I've gotten to the point with my drop spindles where I don't have room for many more and have most of the ones I want. So. Needed something different to collect.
Voila! Old spindle whorls from the world.
Yup. Crazy. That's me. They are kinda cool though. The ones on the string are from Mali, the bronze one is chinese and the white one is roman lead. Very interesting things. I have to make myself some pointy sticks so I can try some of them out.

I finished my September socks for SAM4 in record time. Still just a boring 64 stitch sock with a short-row heel, but isn't the yarn great? It's Galaxy from Regia. It took a little fiddling to get the pattern to match up, but once you get it going, it works very well.


A Fiber Frolic said...

Even though you say the socks are just a "boring 64 stitch sock," I'll bet you get many, many "wowzee" comments. They are great looking.


Kerry said...

The house looks very nice. I like the purple door with the gray, and you can have purple pots or purple flowers along the walkway. Sag's need purple at exit points, apparently.

vanessa said...

wow, i'm not usually a fan of flashing, but those socks are cool!

Vicki said...

Those Galaxy socks remind me of the old Opal Crocodile but much more fun. Andrea Mielke had some similar whorls and she sharpened down a chopstick to use for a shaft. Are you going to spin cotton on them?

Sheila E said...

Your new paint job is lovely! It's always great to of my favorite things to do!!
It will look fantastic when you get it completed...and you will like it for a long time...*so that you won't be tempted to do it again very soon* ;)
Your socks are great, as usual...and All is well with the World....Hey what's a new ladder for the gotta feed the Monkey ;)

Denise said...

I really liked the lavender & purple, but the grey is nice too. Such a cute house!

so any horrible accidents next door yet?