Monday, September 24, 2007

It's not even noon!

It wasn't even lunchtime and I'd made grape jelly and seville marmalade. Of course, now I need a little nap, but hey, it was a productive morning.
I made the concorde juice yesterday and let it drip through so I could use it today. I use the low sugar pectin so it's really grapey and not too sweet.
And since I already had all the stuff out and there was sugar all over the counter, I figured I may as well make up some marmalade too. It's prefab from a can. Comes with the pectin already in it, all you add is sugar. Hideous amounts of sugar, but have you ever tasted a seville orange? It's very necessary.
All the jars sealed. Hooray!
Now I go nap.


Jacqui said...


i made insane quantities of plum jam and jelly one year. (when i had a huge productive plum tree). it was excellent fun but a LOT of work.

i am very impressed. enjoy your nap!

thistledown said...


Denise said...

what a busy bee you are!

vanessa said...