Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Zombies Bad

This is going to be my last post. Thank god I barricaded the windows. They've managed to break the glass, but still can't get in. I've moved as much food and water as I can up into the attic, and the pets too. The power has flickered and surged a few times, but still seems to be holding. I don't think it'll last much longer.
Still trying to reach anyone on my cell, but no luck. The signal went down for a while and I think I'm switching through a different tower now.
The bastards have dragged stuff out of my stash onto the lawn and are trying to eat the fibre!
Hopefully, I'll be able to hold out in the attic until some sort of help arrives. I spray painted an SOS on the roof earlier. Wish I had a shotgun. All I have is a baseball bat. It'll have to do.
If this infection simulation is even close to accurate, we are all very screwed.
Good luck everyone. See you on the other side.


dad said...

you need to live in sask then you are totaly out of the mix we only have to deal with inbred hillbillys

sarah said...

I LOVE the infection simulator. That is amazing!!!

Melanie said...

Um, have you got enough yarn up there or should I try to get some to you?

Denise said...

(ha! I'm a bit slow on the uptake - I just saw the new button on your blog!)

If only you'd had The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From the Living Dead on hand before all this started...