Friday, June 22, 2007

And there's one in the spotlight

he don't look right to me
get him up against the wall

What an amazing show. The sound was superb and Waters was bang on.
I hadn't realized just how influential his lyrics were for me until last night. The stage was set up with a large vid screen as the backdrop and he made very good use of it. Images of war, people in need, greed, pollution and the Palestinian wall were flashed behind him throughout the show and the predominant lighting color was red. It really brought home the sad fact that songs he wrote 25 and even 35 years ago are still very current. Our political situation hasn't changed, only the faces have. Very sobering.
The Fletcher Memorial Home actually made me tear up.
I had The Final Cut in constant play when it first came out. I knew the songs by heart and apparently still do. It was one of the things that made me realize we weren't getting the full story on the nightly news. And it made me very angry. That hasn't changed either. We still don't get the truth and it still pisses me off.
I hope the message wasn't totally lost on the twenty-somethings at the show.

The man's 63 and he still kicks ass.
I'd see him again in a heartbeat.


vanessa said...

63, hmm, i would like me some of that!

dad said...

most worthy messages are lost esp on 20 yr. olds whether it be 30 +years ago or today