Monday, May 14, 2007

Golden hockey fibrey goodness

The Canucks may be off playing golf in the sun, but these guys have spent the last three and a half weeks in Russia. Yesterday it all paid off in another World Cup and gold medals all round. It's worth watching that last game against the Fins to see Nash drag a Fin player halfway down the ice to score the clincher goal. Very entertaining!

On Friday, Frauke, Angela and I went out to Fibrefest in Abbotsford. This little show has been steadily growing every year and this was the largest showing yet. It was great to see some new vendors as well as the ones we know and love. And I ran into people I knew every time I turned around! It was great!
Here's the stuff I couldn't resist:

There's alpaca/wool/mohair bumps from Rainbow Forest Acres. It's very soft and I'm looking forward to spinning it when I get rid of the mothball smell which is kinda overpowering right now. I hope they stop storing their fibre like this, it would not encourage me to buy from them again, despite the lovely fibre. Then there's a kilo and a half of two different colours from Aurelia as well as my free blue topknot. Yup, you guessed it Irene, I'm going to make a tweedy three ply at some point with it. Shelley from Fun Knits on Quadra Island was there and I succombed to some of the Sweatermaker laceweight, a ball of sock yarn and a couple of the sock blocker keychains that make such great gifts. I've only recently added some Indigo Moon to the stash, so it was nice to see the distributor had a booth with most of the colours and I added some laceweight silk and sockweight merino to the haul. I think we all had a pretty good time and come home with some nice things to enhance our stashes.

My latest spindle aquisition:

It's got a Koa whorl and an ash shaft. Weighs in at 21g. Made by Fine Wood Arts and bought on ebay. I haven't tried it yet, I'll let you know. For now, it just looks really pretty.

I leave you with a fibrey lady of the evening. Enjoy!


Kerry said...

I've wanted one of his ever since... ever! Is it new or used? I must find one. That link is the same one I had but it doesn't go anywhere anymore.

Pretty yarn and stuff.

vanessa said...

nice haul!

Angela said...

Heee, I'm not showing pictures of my stuff :)

dad said...

hope these guys that gave all for canad aren't looked over for the 16 that said no when it comes olympic time but they will most likely be screwed as were all the young guns last time by the so called great one